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April 14

WordPress 4.5 Coleman Released – Feature highlights inside


WordPress Coleman

Named after saxophonists Coleman Hawkins

Lead by Mike Schroder:

Deputy release Adam Silverstein

Release Design lead Mel Choyce

227 contributors

Video Quick Intro:

Key Features:

You can now log ... continue reading

April 12

Interview with SparkPost, Mandrill’s recommended replacement.


With Mandrill we are making use of Mandrill's meta property system to tag each outbound email with an email id, a variation id, the lead id it's being sent to, and the nature of the email (weather or not it's part of a batch send or is it an automated email routinely ... continue reading

April 12

How to get your Mandrill API Key


Mandrill recently announced they were retiring Mandrill as a stand alone service and incorporate it into MailChimp as an add on service.

Mandrill was the first email service Inbound Now incorporated into it's WordPress powered email client & at the time of this article Mandrill is still the only supported service, although there are ... continue reading

April 07

Better control for Lead Statuses in Inbound Pro Plugin


Our all in one component just got an upgrade that helps users better segment their incoming leads with color coded lead status labels.

Create new lead statuses with color control.

Modify labels of default lead statuses.

Sorting leads by status ... continue reading

April 07

Secure your WordPress instance in 2016


The news this week has been filled with the so called "Panama Papers" which have resulted in the resignation of at least one world leader, the Icelandic Prime Minister, and have caused controversy to surround others including Russian President Putin and British prime minister Cameron.

The data involved was taken from a Panamanian ... continue reading

April 04

10 WordPress Plugins: Catering to an Easier Development Process

wordpress plugins

The good thing working with WordPress is that you get supports of many community users who are available there as assets while you stayed with any advancement issue.  The post is entirely useful to the individuals who are searching for WordPress plugins with the entire features listed independently.

Look at this list to get usual ... continue reading

March 24

How to Create Balanced E-Mails That Result In New Customers


Writing a “cold” e-mail to a potential new customer can be hard. You have one chance to make it right and secure a new client, or your marketing falls flat and you end up in the Spam folder. Balancing the formal and informal while maintaining a steady flow of information throughout the e-mail ... continue reading

March 20

New Google Analytics integration for Inbound Pro subscribers


Subscribers of our Inbound Now service may notice they have a new section in their Inbound Pro settings to enable/disable the core Google Anlaytics component. I recommend it!

If you are a subscriber running our all-in-one plugin go into:

wp-admin->Inbound Now->Settings->Core Components

Subscribers Only

This ... continue reading

March 04

10 Sources Of Inspiration For Better User Experience & UI Designs

eye feature

The increase in the use of mobile devices over desktop devices, has led to increase in demand for user-friendly interfaces that works well on all the devices – be it a Smartphone, tablets, or desktop computers. And so, it has become important for you to deliver an enhanced UX (user experience) design and UI (user ... continue reading

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