July 19 2016 Mailer

Introducing Cerberus Fluid Email Template for Inbound Now Subscribers

Based on a open source concept, Cerberus Fluid is a dynamic email template available to Inbound Now subscribers. Here's what the creator of the concept said about Cerberus Fluid:

Good for simple layouts such as transactional and single column emails.

This template focuses on a fluid layout that sizes itself using percentage-based widths ... continue reading

Prizm WordPress Image Plugin
July 07 2016 WordPress

Top 10 WordPress Image Optimization plugins in 2016

A quick note from the editor:

WordPress.org says:

"When you decrease the file size for images before you insert them, uploads and pages will load faster."

Google says:

"Speeding up websites is important — not just to site owners, but to all Internet users. Faster sites create happy users and we've seen in our ... continue reading

wordcamp europe
July 05 2016 Plugins

Yoast at WordCamp Europe 2016: Holistic SEO

Did you know that 26% of all websites are on WordPress? Globally, WordPress has been the favorite platform of millions of users, with 76.5 million blogs currently relying on WP to organize and distribute their content. This content management system is dominating the market, and if you are one of the WordPress enthusiasts, then ... continue reading

June 30 2016 Mailer

Giving the users the options to mute emails, instead of unsubscribe

You may have noticed that the unsubscribe features of Inbound Now's email component have been enhanced with a few new options. Readers are now offered 4 new additional options in addition to an unsubscribe option. Take a look:


New Options:

Mute 1 month

Mute 3 months

Mute 6 months

Mute 12 months

Muting ... continue reading

June 22 2016 WordPress

A WordPress guide to contact form builders & data collection in 2016

WordPress is now known as the most popular web development platform in the world. From generating blogs to creating a full-fledged responsive site, WordPress is capable of doing them all efficiently. The extended support of developers and add-ons keep WordPress in demand and the ecosystem rich with participation.

In this article, we have ... continue reading

Inbound Now
June 14 2016 Inbound Now

New updates to Inbound Mailer: Auto flagging bad email addresses

The Inbound Now Email Component is a subscribers only feature.

Automatic  Sorting of bad emails into lead lists

Inbound now's mailer component now will check when an email is flagged as bad by the SparkPost API and automatically sort the email it into a 'rejected list'. The mailing component will also perform a similar ... continue reading

Inbound Now
June 10 2016 Inbound Now

How to connect Google Analytics to Inbound Now

The Google Analytics Extension is available complimentary to Inbound Now Subcribers.

Step 1: Google Analytics

Open Google Analytics under the Inbound Now tab on your WordPress dashboard.

Open the link https://console.developers.google.com/  from step 1 in a new tab.


Step 2: Creating a New Credential

Under the Overview tab, make sure ... continue reading

Marketing Automation Best Practices
May 27 2016 Philosophy

8 Reasons Why You Should Commit to Marketing Automation Today

Have you been looking for an all-knowing marketing assistant that happens to be skillful in your craft and actually has time for everyone in your team. They work 24/7 with no overtime costs, are available in any part of the world and have excellent communication skills to bring your entire team together. Unfortunately ... continue reading

Angular vs react Js
May 26 2016 Blogging

Comparison between Angular JS and React JS

The world of web development is on a roller coaster ride. New technologies are getting developed so fast that it is hard to get along with all of those. It becomes difficult to choose what to choose and what not. The demand of web applications already on its peak. You have to be more and ... continue reading

How to build a trademark
May 24 2016 Promotional

How to Build a Trademark in Four Easy Steps

So, you want to build a trademark. Sounds easy, right? Not so fast. A lot of work, time, and effort goes into building a name for yourself in the business world! You have to make sure your name idea is original. You also have to be sure you aren’t infringing on another company. Then ... continue reading

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