January 11 2017 WordPress

A quick look at the top WordPress security plugins of 2017

We all want to have a secure WordPress website, and it's probably one common thing amongst all the WordPress websites owners.

Cleaning and restoring ... continue reading

January 10 2017 Marketing

Thank You, Come Again: Why A Positive Post-Sale Experience Is Essential

One place that storefronts frequently stumble is in the post-purchase experience. Read on to learn why that’s an issue - and what you can ... continue reading

January 09 2017 Marketing

5 Pillars of Good Inbound Marketing in 2017

Inbound marketing summons several digital marketing methods. The process starts from attracting ‘strangers’ to view your content and turning them into regular visitors of your ... continue reading

January 08 2017 Inbound Now

Important Announcement – Reactivate Inbound Pro after Next Update

Attention Inbound Now Customer,

In the next release of Inbound Pro you will have to re-activate the Inbound Pro plugin after it completes updating ... continue reading

January 04 2017 Social Media

Why sales reps need to be conversant to increase sales through social media.

Social Media is now an inevitable part of our daily lives. According to Statista, the number of worldwide users is expected to reach some 2 ... continue reading

December 29 2016 Social Media

8 social media marketing mistakes you need to avoid in 2017

Back then in time, Social Media started as a medium of interaction for social animals. However, the flow soon made it an unmatched tool for ... continue reading

December 04 2016 Inbound Now

Retiring Google Calendar Extension

Hi Guys!

Just a heads up. I am retiring the Google Calendar extension. It's been having some troubles and also has shortcomings that keep ... continue reading

November 25 2016 Landing Pages

Few Samples of Stunning Modern Web Designs

Want to stand out in the business? An eye catchy web design is must for you. This will grab engaged traffic and elevated sales in ... continue reading

November 23 2016 Marketing

Doing Inbound Marketing Globally

As the world becomes increasingly connected – both socially and economically – technology adaptation remains one of the most important factors in our progress. While people in ... continue reading

November 18 2016 Inbound Now

Adding Support for Ninja Forms 3

Inbound Now is proud to announce we've added the Ninja Forms 3 Integration Extension to our marketplace. This extension can be purchased individually or ... continue reading

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