December 04 2016 Inbound Now

Retiring Google Calendar Extension

Hi Guys!

Just a heads up. I am retiring the Google Calendar extension. It's been having some troubles and also has shortcomings that keep ... continue reading

November 25 2016 Landing Pages

Few Samples of Stunning Modern Web Designs

Want to stand out in the business? An eye catchy web design is must for you. This will grab engaged traffic and elevated sales in ... continue reading

November 23 2016 Marketing

Doing Inbound Marketing Globally

As the world becomes increasingly connected – both socially and economically – technology adaptation remains one of the most important factors in our progress. While people in ... continue reading

November 18 2016 Inbound Now

Adding Support for Ninja Forms 3

Inbound Now is proud to announce we've added the Ninja Forms 3 Integration Extension to our marketplace. This extension can be purchased individually or ... continue reading

Composite image of business desk
October 19 2016 Philosophy

The Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing Symbiosis

As small business owners and marketers look for more effective ways to boost customer engagement and drive leads, inbound and content marketing are proving to ... continue reading

October 11 2016 Plugins

Choosing a Mobile Publishing App For Your WordPress Site

If you’re using WordPress on mobile, it can be painful.  There are other publishing apps - here’s how to choose one that’s right ... continue reading

September 23 2016 Marketing

Five Small Things You Can Do To Make Your Website More Mobile-Friendly

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly, there’s no doubt about that. But you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to make it ... continue reading

ecommerce store
September 21 2016 WordPress

5 Marketing Tools to Kick off Your WordPress eCommerce Site

It is a great time to be an online retailer, simply because most consumers could not function properly without online shopping. This March, the software ... continue reading

August 10 2016 Social Media

How Facebook Instant Articles Can Transform Your Blogging Strategy

As per the figures released by Facebook, articles published over Facebook Instant Articles are enjoying 20% more clicks and are 30% more likely to get ... continue reading

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