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May 27

8 Reasons Why You Should Commit to Marketing Automation Today

Marketing Automation Best Practices

Have you been looking for an all-knowing marketing assistant that happens to be skillful in your craft and actually has time for everyone in your team. They work 24/7 with no overtime costs, are available in any part of the world and have excellent communication skills to bring your entire team together. Unfortunately ... continue reading

May 26

Comparison between Angular JS and React JS

Angular vs react Js

The world of web development is on a roller coaster ride. New technologies are getting developed so fast that it is hard to get along with all of those. It becomes difficult to choose what to choose and what not. The demand of web applications already on its peak. You have to be more and ... continue reading

May 24

How to Build a Trademark in Four Easy Steps

How to build a trademark

So, you want to build a trademark. Sounds easy, right? Not so fast. A lot of work, time, and effort goes into building a name for yourself in the business world! You have to make sure your name idea is original. You also have to be sure you aren’t infringing on another company. Then ... continue reading

May 20

Smart subscribe bar for email newsletters

Inbound Now

Inbound Now's email component allows you to provide the reader with a online version of an email. This online version can be used in social media campaigns to expand the reach of your content.

We discovered after blasting a few emails socially that we wanted a way to encourage new readers to subscribe and ... continue reading

May 19

Great WordPress Plugins for Tracking Website Performance

Inbound Now

The Importance of Tracking Your Website's Performance

It is essential that you know exactly how well your website is performing. You must be sure your website is not only online but also performing well for two main reasons:

1. Your search results’ ranking will be penalized by Google if your site produces a poor ... continue reading

May 18

How I created an Inboundnow landing page, and how you can too.


Howdy! I'm Matt, and today we're going to make an landing page template for Inbound Now's Landing Pages framework.

What we'll need is:

A WP blog with the Inboundnow plugin installed

Access to Advanced Custom Fields

An existing HTML template. This will provide the material for the landing page.

And a ... continue reading

May 18

Tips to Optimize Your Conversion Rate with A/B Testing

ab testing

An efficient A/B Testing (also known as split testing or bucket testing) plan allows you to increase the revenue of the website or mobile app by increasing the website’s conversion rate. It is possible by testing your current design (A) against the new design changes to your web page (B) and determining the ... continue reading

May 17

How to Use Zapier to Automatically Grow Your Twitter Following

Zapier Logo

Twitter has more than 500 million registered users, making it the second most popular of hundreds of social media sites, second only to Facebook. Twitter's unique format make it easy for busy consumers to digest small bits of information. Posts, called "tweets" are limited to 160 characters, so there's no danger of a ... continue reading

May 15

Attribution link on new lead email is now optional

Inbound Now

At the moment our new lead notification email (the one sent to administrators after a visitor fills out one of our forms) places a link to Inbound Now into the footer of the email.

Up until this point we have pushed users to use a coding filter we provide to make HTML changes to the ... continue reading

May 15

Google Analytics extension is pulled out of Inbound Pro


We recently pulled 5 email templates out of the Inbound Pro all-in-one plugin to help bring down the size of the plugin. These email templates are still available for subscribers.

Today I pulled the Google Analytics component out side of the all-in-one plugin as well. This component is still available for ... continue reading

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