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There are two ways to publish for Inbound Now. One is to contact us directly with an article submission for consideration. The other way is to join our mailing list and we'll contact you about topics we are interested in publishing about. Use the signup form below to join our writer's list:

How to make money writing for us

Authors that publish for Inbound Now are automatically enrolled in our affiliate program where they can make recurring commissions of 10% per subscription that converts after discovering Inbound Now through their content.

Visitors that arrive on a content article published under your name will be automatically cookie'd with your affiliate information and that information will remain in the visitor's browser for 30 days.

This money exchange relationship encourages authors to create high quality content to increase their chances of earning through Inbound Now while making Inbound Now a quality epicenter for WordPress and Inbound Marketing related content.

Here’s what Inbound Now's Blog is about.

We are focused only on the following categories, so guest posts should fit into one (or more) of these:

  • Using Inbound Now tools in action to accomplish a goal
  • WordPress design related topics
  • WordPress listicles / plugin / service reviews
  • Marketing conversion & optimization tactics/techniques
  • Marketing automation topics
  • WordPress ecosystem news / general WordPress news
  • Growth-hacking articles


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