Notice: If your post is written poorly, or you clearly have no idea what topic you are writing about, don’t waste your time here. Your post will be rejected. Thank you!

Here at Inbound Now we are all about posting relevant, helpful, and engaging information for B2B marketers, business owners, media professionals, and marketing enthusiasts.

We invite you to share your skills and knowledge with our readers. Before you submit a guest post for consideration, read through the guidelines below.

1. Here’s what Inbound Now’s Blog is about.

We are focused only the following categories, so guest posts should fit into one (or more) of these:

  • Landing Page Topics
  • Call to Action Topics
  • Email Marketing Topics
  • Marketing Conversion & Optimization Tactics/techniques
  • Sales / Selling Topics
  • UI / UX for WordPress Sites
  • Marketing Automation Topics
  • Free Marketing Tools
  • How to tutorials on any of the above

Still not sure what to write about? Kill your Writers Block here

2. Tell us about yourself.

If you’d like to submit a guest post, we’d like to briefly get to know you first. Send an email to David [a.t.] or fill out the form on the right. Tell us about you, your website, and your idea and title of the guest post you’d like to submit.

We will get back to you and either have you submit your guest post (make sure to read the rest of the guidelines below) or say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

3. Your guest post content.

It’s important that the content on Inbound Now is high-quality and original. We won’t accept guest posts that have been submitted and/or appeared elsewhere.

Inbound Now isn’t a place for advertising your product or service and guest posts should be non-promotional. Guest posts should be written by individuals (not companies) and be free of affiliate links and self reviews. The only promotional links we allow are in the author’s bio at the bottom of each post – and those need to be tasteful and few.

When it comes to writing your guest post, avoid being overly personal (we aren’t a personal blog) and stay away from typically controversial topics (politics, religion, etc).

Any images you submit must be free of copyright or trademark infringement, and all credit must be given to the owner or the creator.

4. If we approved your guest post idea and title, here’s what we need now.

After you email and introduce yourself and we give you the go-ahead to submit your guest post, please email us (at David [a.t.] ) the following:

  • Your guest post as a Microsoft Word or plain text document. The simpler the syling, the better (read below for more information on styling of your guest post).
  • A headshot for your bio.
  • A 2-4 sentence bio to place at the end of your guest post. We don’t update bios on guest posts, so make it something lasting.
  • A short list of your personal social media profiles. We’ll link to them in the bio area.

5. Here’s how to style your guest post.

Create an eye-catching, short, creative title. Check out the titles of posts on the site to see some examples of ones that work.

Begin with an interesting opening paragraph. It should set the scene for what’s to come.

Move into the body content. Separate ideas into H2 headings. Again, check out previous posts on Inbound Now to get an idea of the format.

For the conclusion, wrap up your guest post with a few sentences. It’s also a good idea to add a question that encourages readers to comment.

Please don’t forget to proofread your guest post for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The more we have to edit on your behalf, the less likely it is that we will choose your guest post for publication.

6. How we schedule guest posts.

After we’ve received your submission, we’ll look it over and then schedule it to run. We schedule guest posts out several weeks in advance. You will be emailed and told when your guest post will run.

7. Republication of guest posts.

Any written work submitted to Inbound Now is owned by Inbound Now. However, you are able to republish your own work that is originally published on Inbound Now. For more information on our republication guidelines, click here.

8. Promoting your guest post.

When your guest post goes live, it’d be great if you could promote it a few times to your social networks, respond to comments that may pop up, and share other Inbound Now content that you find to be compelling and of use to your networks.