Well hello there! Sometimes things fall outside of the realm of free support. We, as a business, cannot process every single custom request and continue building the suite of free marketing tools we offer.

Some examples premium support would be:

  • Custom Design help. (You want to change colors/design attributes that do not have options in your landing page templates)
  • Solving issues with conflicting Plugins or Theme Code
  • Custom Development work for new feature requests
  • Any issue that is not being caused by our plugins but by some other malicious code from another WordPress Plugin or Theme
  • Custom Template design/development

If you would like custom development work done please fill out the form to the right.

Our development/design rates are $73 an hour.

For priority and premium support we must have temporary WP Admin and FTP server access to troubleshoot your issues. We will not buy themes or plugins to try and recreate issues you are having.

No Access = No Support. It’s that simple.