Premium Support

Services Offered:

  • Landing Page template creation / modification .
  • Call to Action template creation / modification.
  • Email template creation / modification.
  • Plugin/Theme conflict debugging.
  • New feature development / paid prioritization.
  • Private tutoring


Our development/design rates are $40 an hour.

For priority and premium support we must have temporary WP Admin and FTP server access to troubleshoot your issues. We will not buy themes or plugins to try and recreate issues you are having.


  • Temporary wp-admin access (if applicable)
  • Temporary FTP/SFTP access (if applicable)

How to apply

Please use the form to the right and politely provide as much detail as possible about your requirements. Finally allow 24-48 hours for an employee to field your request and reply.  Most likely you’ll have a response the same day.

Do not submit customer support requests here they will be ignored! Please use
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