10 Tools for Automating Influencer Outreach

Post written by Michael Quoc
On Friday, August 18th, 2017

Your influencer campaign is built, you’ve identified your target audience and key performance indicators, and you understand your primary goal – what’s next? The arduous task of influencer outreach.

It seems straightforward, until you realize you can’t find any contact information, influencers aren’t responding to your tweets or DMs, and you have no way of managing the hundreds or thousands of influencers who have already signed on to promote your brand. Things are out of control.

With the rise in popularity and demand of influencer marketing platforms and software, automating influencer outreach has become the next big trend. This is largely in part because it’s working for marketers. Brands are arming themselves with an arsenal of influencer tools that streamline everything from the search and communication process to content creation and compensation.

If you want to preserve time, money, and resources while running an impactful campaign, see how these 10 tools fit the influencer marketing ecosystem and automate influencer outreach. We’ll be taking a look at Marketplaces, Outreach Tools, and Communication Tools.


Influencer marketplaces help you tap into an existing directory of vetted influencers and reach out to them directly. Most allow you to browse or search based on filters or keywords, and some recommend influencers based on your campaign criteria. Many marketplaces operate on singular criterion, for example only accommodating influencers on Instagram or influencers within health, beauty, and wellness verticals.


FameBit is most widely used for connecting with YouTubers and has over 70,000 influencers in its marketplace. FameBit was acquired by Google in 2016. The platform automates influencer research and discovery along with content creation and approval.

How It Works

Using Famebit, marketers create a campaign, set a budget, then open it up to proposals from creators. Interested creators submit their content ideas and fees back to marketers, who simultaneously review their engagement rates and audience demographics to ensure an effective fit.

Together, micro-influencers and marketers collaborate on content until it’s ready to post. This entire process is managed inside FameBit, keeping contact information, fees, and campaign data all in one place.

How Does It Automate Outreach?

The brand sets the campaign parameters and lets the creators contact them, essentially bidding on the opportunity to work on your campaign. The brand still needs to review proposals, but outreach is simplified due to the creators coming to you, not you reaching out to them.


YouTube marketplace Octoly helps brands get free video reviews. That’s because influencers receive products gratuitously in exchange for sharing feedback with their followers. Octoly excels at automating influencer discovery and product distribution, giving brands analytics about viewership and engagement, and helping influencers get all the information they need to complete a review.

How It Works

On Octoly, marketers develop a profile of their product, complete with description, photos, and videos.  Influencers apply to review the product and then brands select the best fit based on reported followers and engagement metrics. Octoly oversees product distribution to selected influencers, who draw on the product profile and their own experience to create an effective review.

How it Automates Outreach

Like most marketplaces, the emphasis is on creators/influencers proposing to work with the brand and not the other way around. Brands create their profile and campaign characteristics and then select the best fit from a list of applicants.


Shoutcart is a marketplace to find Instagram influencers and buy shoutouts: essentially a quick post that is blasted to thousands of followers. It’s essentially allowing you to online shop, but for influencers.

How It Works

Marketers browse the directory by category, audience size, and follower demographics, then add the best influencers to their cart. Think of it like an ecommerce site, except for influencers instead of t-shirts.  

How It Automates Outreach

The platform simplifies influencer discovery with Shoutcart Score — a system that ranks influencers based on how engaged their followers are. Discovering Influencers is easy, once you set your criteria and rank them.

Once brands have selected influencers, the tool facilitates the sharing of post content and media and monitoring performance results. Simply create the order, schedule, and pay. It’s that simple. No back and forth, no negotiation required. Select as many influencers as you’d like and with a few clicks your campaign will be on its way.


Ifluenz is another Instagram marketplace that connects brands and micro-influencers for product placement and marketing campaigns. There are over 7,000 active influencers on Ifluenz, who have all undergone vetting and verification to ensure their followers are real and engaged.

How It Works

Ifluenz automates finding and contacting influencers, sharing campaign content, paying influencers, and tracking campaign progress. The tool’s powerful algorithms recommend a manageable 12 or less influencers based on campaign criteria like demographics, location, and interests.

How It Automates Outreach

Ifluenz does all the communicating on behalf of the brand, so there’s no need to store contact information and emails. The easy to use dashboard outlines the progress of the campaign in real time.

DIY Outreach Tools

If marketplaces restrict the flexibility and creativity required by your influencers’ marketing campaigns, DIY outreach tools are a happy solution. Achieving a greater level of customization often means compiling a database of influencers and managing outreach independently. These are automation tools that help find and build lists of impactful influencers.


By searching through content and influencer bios, marketers use Buzzsumo to find the top creators and sharers of engaging content across the web. It automates the search process so marketers can quickly analyze influencers, add them to lists, and in some cases engage with them via the tool.

How It Works

Marketers find influencers by topic and evaluate them based on reach, authority, and engagement. Buzzsumo details the type of content influencers share and which domains they share most often. Marketers can easily follow influencers to build lists via Buzzsumo, or export the data for use in other platforms.

How It Automates Outreach

Buzzsumo allows you to monitor content, check engagement statistics, and search influencers in a niche. Tracking and reaching out to influencers is easy, and the system even helps identify which influencers are most likely to respond. The information is easily exported into a CSV file or an Excel document for later use.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach automates micro-influencer prospecting and contacting for simple outreach management. The tool helps marketers discover bloggers and social media influencers or import and manage existing contact lists.  

How It Works

As the name implies, Ninja Outreach is, well, an outreach program. You can easily search by a number of criteria and build a list of influencers you want to contact. Search by number of followers, platform, and more.  

How it Automates Outreach

Once marketers have added influencers to outreach lists, Ninja Outreach makes it simple to build custom templates and systematize emails for a hands-off approach. The automation tool also tracks sent emails, open rates, click through rates, and replies, which is especially helpful for mass outreach to hundreds of influencers.


Klear hosts 500 million influencer profiles with followers across blogs, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Klear makes it easy for brands to find and analyze influencers, manage existing relationships, and measure influencer campaigns.

How It Works

Marketers search for influencers by network, skill, and location, and then compare them based on Klear’s metrics: influence score, engagement level, reach, mentioned brands, and top demographics.

How It Automates Outreach

Klear’s CRM builds and manages influencer lists and provides contact options and communication management features for automated outreach. Ongoing campaigns with existing influencers are easily monitored through the dashboard, which reports mentions, engagement, and reach per post, for each social network.

Influencer Communication Tools

Once you’ve found influencers and built lists, CRM tools help conduct outreach and manage the relationship efficiently. These platforms are ideal for larger, self-managed influencer campaigns that could benefit from full-service coordination features.



Research, contact, and manage influencers with BuzzStream Discovery and BuzzStream Outreach. These two pillars create a comprehensive CRM solution that automates influencer outreach from beginning to end for a complete picture.

How It Works

BuzzStream Discovery helps marketers find and research influencers by topic. Marketers get engagement and activity metrics on all influencers as well as content and share data.

How It Automates Outreach

BuzzStream Discovery integrates directly with existing projects in BuzzStream Outreach, which automates contact information detection and allows you to create personal email templates as well as manage incoming and outgoing communications.


This influencer and blogger outreach and content marketing tool helps marketers gain exposure from authoritative content producers. Pitchbox automates the discovery and outreach processes of influencer marketing, finding opportunities for marketers, and saving time on personalized, target outreach attempts.

How It Works

Pitchbox utilizes multiple prospecting tools that allow you to search and compile a list of influencers. Search by keyword, niche, or other advanced factors. What’s best, the platform integrates with top SEO platforms such as MOZ and SEMRush in order to gather the best influencers possible, while weeding out the rest.

How It Automates Outreach

Marketers create email templates and follow-up templates with smart personalization fields to reduce manual input. This boosts replies by nearly 62 percent. Pitchbox also uses an outreach tracking tool that provides an overview of active opportunities, sent emails, and the number of responses received.


Influicity builds lists of social influencers from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. With this outreach tool, marketers can engage influencers, manage relationships, and see engagement and audience metrics across networks. It features nearly 10 million influencers, one of the largest on this list.

How It Works

Influicity is a full automation program that uses a single source approach to managing influencer marketing. From finding content creators to building lists, managing contracts, and running campaigns, Influicity’s central dashboard automates outreach so marketers can scale their influencer marketing efforts.

How It Automates Outreach

Influicity features a full range of campaign management tools. Create, manage, and promote your campaigns to your list of influencers including briefings, details, content approval, payment and more. The easy to use template lets you blast messages to multiple influencers at once.

Let’s Get Automated

Tools to automate the processes of finding, contacting, managing, and monitoring influencers are highly effective, especially when running campaigns with hundreds or thousands of influencers. Influencer automation tools help marketers regain their creative freedom and do what they do best – sell their brand.

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About the Author:
Michael Quoc is the founder and CEO of Dealspotr, a crowdsourced savings platform that connects emerging brands, influencers and shoppers around today’s best deals. Dealspotr makes influencer marketing easier and more cost-effective for e-commerce brands.

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