3 online logo generation tools that can help you develop your brand

Post written by Aston Calvin
On Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

A logo serves two purposes; it tells people who you are and creates a visual symbol that represents your business. Depending on popularity, some business logos also have a powerful association with our memory.

Consider McDonald’s famous “M” or the FedEx logo. McDonald’s symbolic representation is popular due to the popularity of the brand itself. The FedEx logo, on the other hand has more going for it than the business it represents. It cleverly uses negative space to create a white arrow in the design, a move which has won it several design awards.

But in truth, it can be difficult to create a logo that is simple and conveys a message too. Hiring a professional designer can be tempting. But no one knows your business better than you do yourself. It can therefore be hard for both parties to decide on a design that represents the uniqueness of your vision as distinctly as you do.

So, as the old adage goes, “if you want a job done right, do it yourself.” In this post, I am going to list 3 logo generation websites that allow you a more hands-on approach in designing a logo for your business.

1- Logojoy.com

Logojoy is a logo design generator based on an AI (artificial intelligence) based interface. The steps are pretty straightforward :

  • Pick a style: After registering on the site, you are asked to name your business and choose five logo designs from a set of twenty. The AI system will use these as “inspiration” to design a unique look for your logo.

  • Pick a color scheme: Pick a color block for your logo. If you are confused about which one would suit your business, just hover over the choices. I like how it displays implications of each (For example if you want to come out as trustworthy, a blue color scheme that exudes “confidence, intelligence and faith” might be a good choice)

  • Company name and slogan: Your company’s name and slogan (if any) will be your design’s text. I tried going for “Pushing the Limits” but the site advised that the slogan should be even shorter (like “Design Studio) so I changed it to “Pushing Limits”
  • Select symbols: There are around 500,000 symbols that can go in your design. You can choose five. If you think that icons might clutter the design, skip this step like I did.

Based on your selection, the algorithm will present a selection of a variation of logo designs. After making your selection, you can change stylistic elements (like the font, color and text) and preview how your design might look like on different branding efforts like business cards and clothing.

A company name, slogan and symbol later, you see several variations of your logo based on the selections you made. I am a huge fan of negative space, so I went with one with the white background on the left:


You can create an unlimited number of logos on LogoJoy. It offers three pricing packages. I would recommend going for more than the $20 package if you want your logo to be in high resolution and have more variety in your design choices:

  • Basic: For $20, you get a low resolution logo with a colored background
  • Premium: For $65, you get “everything a designer would send you” like a ready to print high resolution logo and other perks.
  • Enterprise: For $165, you get everything in the Premium package with a one hour design session with a professional designer.


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2- GraphicSprings

GraphicSprings is a free to use interactive web application that takes a more detailed approach to the logo design process. Like Logojoy, it has a simple click-and-drag interface that is pretty easy to use. Just follow the following steps:

  • State your identity: You can name your business here and a provide tagline. If you want your logo to be text-free, such as Apple’s logo, you can skip this part.
  • Pick an image: After naming your business, select an image. You can search images by category. I selected “Technology.” Your creation appears on the right.

  • Pick a shape: Pick a shape according to a category. You can skip this part if you want a cleaner design.

  • Edit your design: Click on the text or graphic to edit. If you get stuck, you can always click on the “Need Help” section on the lower right. It features video tutorials that make the editing part a little easier to deal with.

  • Preview: In this section, you can see how your design appears on different mediums like business cards as exhibited here.


The web app lets you create logos for free, but downloads come with a fee and pricing plans:

  • Basic: Download a high resolution image (JPG) for $19.99.
  • Standard: Everything in the basic package plus the freedom to edit your logo (JPG, PDF, PNG, no white background) any time and custom size download for $39.99
  • Pro: This includes the image (JPG, PDF, PNG, no white background)) and everything in the standard package plus matching stationery designs and social media covers for $99.99.
  • Platinum: This includes everything in the Pro package plus an EPS format, PSD (for watermark and Photoshop editing) and scaling the image JPG, PDF, PNG, no white background) without losing quality for $199.99.

The Basic, Standard and Pro plans are good if your business is just starting out and you don’t have to use it on anything else besides stationary. But if you plan on a more generous approach, I would recommend going Platinum.

And GraphicSprings also offers professional help if you aren’t satisfied with their logo generator.

3- Logaster

Logaster is another do-it-yourself online logo generator that you can use to create a professional logo for yourself. To get started:

  • Choose your activity type: Type the text that is to appear on the logo, such as your company name, and choose the industry of your business.
  • Choose logo concept: Select an icon to go with your text. You can search for icons according to keywords.

  • Edit logo concept: Click on the icon to edit it, the text to change its color, font or other stylistic elements and the empty space around your design to change its position. You can also add a slogan to your design in this step.

  • Save logo concept: Here, you can check how your logo looks against different colors and backgrounds.


Like the rest of the logo generators on this list, Logaster allows you to design hundreds of logos for free. But downloading the best versions comes at a price:

  • Free: Download a small watermarked version of your design for free
  • $9.99: For screen 1024px (png, jpeg)
  • $19.99: For screen 5000px (png, jpeg)
  • $24.99: For screen and print (svg, pdf, png, jpeg)

BrandKit ($29.99): You can always choose Logaster’s BrandKit to get the best of what it has to offer. Its $5 more than the full design kit, but in addition to a full size logo for printing you get the added benefit of a business card, letterhead, envelop and favicon

Wrapping Up

Your logo is a reflection of your business. Logo generation websites offer you a more hands on approach in designing a logo for your brand. The sources in this list will help you create a design that reflects your brand’s personality and vision in the best light.

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About the Author:
Aston Calvin is working as a professional content strategist at Cygnis Media. During his spare time, he likes brushing up on his knowledge on the latest innovations and trends that would benefit mobile and web app designers.

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