5 Reasons Why a Blog would benefit your Business’ Online Presence

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On Friday, August 31st, 2012

Since it came to light in the late 1990’s, blogging has become an incredibly diverse tool. While it got its start as an “online diary”, it has steadily evolved into something that is meant to be read, meant to be shared, and meant to popularize a person or an institution internationally.

And many businesses have definitely jumped on this bandwagon. Blogs have become integral parts of many a company’s site, and many find it to be an essential aspect of web-based marketing. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. You can show off your expertise.

Writing a blog is great way of establishing yourself to a wide audience. Take the opportunity to let people see that you are the go-to guy in your field by publishing insightful, useful, and updated information on things related to or are happening in your field. As you gain more ground as a reliable and knowledgeable industry source, it becomes an avenue for you to promote your own product. And since people have already come to trust your viewpoint, the chance that they will end up patronizing your product/service is pretty high.

2. You can interact with your customers.

A blog can become an open forum by which you interact with your audience on a more personal level. Every comment on your post is an opportunity to know another customer, so acknowledging them and replying is a way for your customers to feel your appreciation. Your blog can also be a place where you welcome discussions and sharing of ideas, which can inspire your customers’ loyalty by making them feel more involved. You can even try inviting users to do guest posts. The goal is to win customers over by making yourself more real and more candid to them.

3. You can tell others more about yourself.

Who are you? What do you represent? Blogging is a way for you to tell people what your business is more comprehensively. The format of a blog enables you to write more detailed articles about your company that you would not be able to put on an official website due to problems with length. It can be updates about what your company is doing socially, or in terms of product development. You can make a post where you answer questions about your product/service, and provide extra, helpful tidbits of information about it. You can even use it as PR tool to address issues straight from the source without resorting to the hassle of press releases or press conferences. A blog will give your company a voice to associate with the name, making it more human and engaging.

4. You have a funnel of traffic.

blog-for-trafficA blog can be used as “bait” for readers to visit your official site. If your blog is already integrated within your site, people who read your blog for your expert opinions will visit the site by default, increasing the chance that they will explore it and take a look at the products/services you are offering and increasing the possibility of a sale. It also increases SEO, as constantly-updated sites are more likely to be discovered by search engines. If your blog is not connected to your site, you can link to it when you make a post, or you can use it to tease announcements about your business which will drive customers to check out your site for more details.

5. You can save money.

Blogging gives you visibility all across the globe—while barely spending a cent. Your main costs are only domain and hosting charges, and there are blogging platforms that you can use to build your blog for free without having to account for domain and hosting charges, though they do limit what you can do. This enables you to use your finances for other avenues.

Blogging is acknowledged as one of the best SEO tools you can use for your business. Starting a blog can take a bit of work at first and it takes patience before you can reap results. But in the grand scheme of things, it can be one of the best things you ever did for your business.

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Celina Conner is a Yoga Instructor, an alumna of Marketing Management at Martin College Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. She has a passion in cooking and formulating vegan recipes.Follow her adventures on her Twitter.

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