Augmented Reality: How it Makes Digital Marketing Strategies More Efficient

Post written by Evan Morris
On Tuesday, July 6th, 2021

Augmented Reality (AR) is the new buzz in business circles. AR plays a crucial role in making digital marketing strategies more engaging and hence more successful. It provides digital marketers with the privilege of promoting their products and services more effectively over the online medium. 

In essence, AR enables customers to visualize a product before purchasing. And there has been a growing interest among businesses to include AR in their digital marketing strategy.  

According to statistics, 32 percent of global businesses used AR apps in 2020, and by 2023, the global AR market is expected to reach USD 61.4 billion.  

There are solid reasons for the upsurge in the global AR market. And the fact is that AR is not just impacting digital marketing; it is transforming it. 

Here are ways AR can strengthen your digital marketing strategy:


Capturing consumers’ attention is the main motive involved in marketing initiatives. Customers are excited by new technologies and they will appreciate a forward thinking user experience that excites them. Augmented reality assets and take hard work to product, your customer will notice that effort and it will increase the marketable value of your product.

Product Display

With AR, consumers can visualize products online before buying. Thus, you can regard product visualization as a process through which companies use images and graphics to communicate the products to the customers visually.

Many companies are using AR in eCommerce websites for giving product demonstrations. A significant benefit of using AR is that it helps companies to reduce the hassle of product returns.

Try Before You Buy

Suppose you want to buy a pair of shoes. You need to go to a physical store to try it out. AR allows you to try it out right on your smartphone.

When you integrate AR into your digital marketing strategy, you can allow customers to understand your products better and how they will work for them. 

 Using AR is analogous to putting your products in customers’ hands virtually to allow them to make informed decisions. 

For example, Warby Parker, a direct-to-consumer eyeglass brand, has a ‘virtual try-on’ system to allow its customers to try glasses at the comfort of home.

 All people need to do is download the app, select the frame style of their choice, and then activate the AR feature, which activates the front camera of their smartphones. And it displays the frame on their faces in videos as if they are putting on the frame.

Brand Awareness

AR helps indirectly or indirectly in your digital marketing strategy. It allows you to strengthen your brand reputation and increase your brand awareness among your target audience. What is more, it enables you to create a buzz around your brand by allowing consumers to experience virtual reality.

There can be memorable moments for people with your brand if you use it in your marketing strategy. 

 Although AR is hitherto a new concept, many brands are using it. For example, Sephora uses an AR app that helps people buy perfect makeup. The app scans the human face and allows consumers to try out its cosmetic products. In this way, people select products that match their facial features the best. And eventually, they can buy the best cosmetic products.

Innovative Narratives

AR plays a significant role in enhancing the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies. It can provide a fantastic touring experience for people. AR can even bring the dead to life. A museum can take advantage of AR in marketing campaigns. For example, AR can bring the dead dinosaurs to life by displaying how they moved about a thousand years back. 

It helps to increase experience and engage with the objects deeply.

Improves Packaging

Packaging is a proven way to influence purchasing decisions and also communicating your concern for customers. 

 AR helps you to achieve excellent packaging for your products and pass on the product details to customers. 

 With AR, customers can explore additional product-related information. Besides, it allows you to share unique, engaging, and relevant content through digital channels. 

 When you use AR for product packaging, you get the following benefits:

  • Brand storytelling

  • Educating product details to consumers

  • Entertaining customers

 For example, Jack Daniel’s, a leading whiskey brand, uses AR for its product packaging. It helps people get a virtual tour of the detailed process of winemaking when they scan the bottle.

Allows Gamification

Gamification has emerged as an effective digital marketing technique. AR helps actuate gamification to attract consumers’ attention. With an eye-catching design, it engages game lovers.


AR bears the potential of enhancing the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies. It allows managers to run digital marketing campaigns innovatively, attracting more potential customers to their brands.

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