Marketing Automation (beta)

A powerful trigger + action framework for WordPress

  • Perform simple and complex follow up email campaigns
  • Send submission data to 3rd party locations
  • Fully extendable for developers.


Our marketing automation component is very new.

We plan to study how our users leverage it and improve it over the 2016 year.

Currently it can only be used to schedule time driven email series.

It's Essence

In essence it is a trigger/action rule engine powered by WordPress or 3rd party action hooks.

Right now there are only a few triggers and actions. We'd like to see this list grow. Here are a couple of ways this system might be leveraged in the future:

  • Lead scoring/badging system.
  • Timezone specific email deliveries.

It's a premium component...

We do not sell stand alone access to our marketing automation component, instead we keep it as a special feature for our subscribers.

Below are a few screenshots the show the current version of the UI.

Setting up the trigger

Setting up the action!

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