Case Study: Superior Customer Service Equals Superior Inbound Marketing

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On Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Last week I wrote about incorporating Reddit into your marketing strategies. If you’ve had the chance to read through it or you’re already familiar with Reddit culture, the following case study will provide a magnified view of how outstanding customer service went viral.

Reddit user /u/DecentDudeDustin posted a link with the title, “This hotel pays attention to your special requests.”

What was his special request?


How did the Woodlands Resort respond to this request? Observe and take notes:


3 red M&Ms and…

…a magnificent framed picture of bacon.


At this point some of us may think there’s nothing greater the Woodlands Resort could do to demonstrate extraordinary customer service. Let’s be honest, they actually went through and provided a framed picture of bacon – what more could we expect?

Follow the marketing trail…to the Reddit comment section…and get in the conversation!



This is one way brands can effectively engage Reddit users.

The secret? Talk like a human.

Note how this interaction is real and personable. By showing genuine interest and relating to a concert they both attended, brand identity increases. People may even start associating this Woodlands Resort as “The Hotel That Gives You Framed Pictures of Bacon!”

Hold on a second. The conversation doesn’t end just yet. Keep reading:


While humorous, the Reddit user representing Woodlands Resort is furthering the marketing reach. As marketers, we know messages can get lost or transformed on social media. Fortunately, the basic message is “awesome customer service” and by following up in the comment section they continue fortifying this message.

Alright, at this point our metrics-senses must be tingling. We need some numbers to show our boss! Here’s the obvious metric:

Thousands upon thousands of points! But how can we quantify these points into real value. Well, there are a few certainties:


  • 1 point = 1 page view
  • 1 point = 1 person agreeing “good customer service”
  • More points = more visibility.

Analyze web traffic to affirm this marketing ploy is the cause. We’d need the Woodlands Resort Google Analytics account to get deep in the data, but a relative frequency tool shows searches for “woodlands resort” spiked on July 15th.


Oh, here’s the gravy for this karma train. This Woodlands Resort was awarded just two weeks ago for hospitality excellence. For those who want to follow suite, try to match their motto:

“We are committed to offering our clients and guests a flawless meeting experience and environment.”

As we’ve just witnessed, when flawless was put to the test, they came out on top.

Have you noticed any similar examples on Reddit? I’d love you to share them below! Thanks for reading.

pic9Author: Jesse Aaron is a professional blogger with a passion for homebrewing. He writes on a variety of topics for Vista College and on his blog, Mashbout. Follow Jesse on Google Plus.

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