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July 27 2017 Hudson Atwell

Just a heads up team!

We've recently updated the following landing page templates:

Publisher I
Lime App
Lilly App
Ginseng ... continue reading

April 06 2017 Hudson Atwell

A look at what is new inside Inbound Pro

March 20 2017 Hudson Atwell

Inbound Now is proud to review the latest feature enhancements found in Inbound Pro Thank you for being an Inbound Now subscriber!

November 25 2016 Steven Bowen

Want to stand out in the business? An eye catchy web design is must for you. This will grab engaged traffic and elevated sales in ... continue reading

August 05 2016 Hudson Atwell

In an effort to reduce the size of our Landing Pages plugin and decrease overall loading times we are removing these first generation templates from ... continue reading

May 18 2016 Matt Bissett

Howdy! I'm Matt, and today we're going to make an landing page template for Inbound Now's Landing Pages framework.

What we'll ... continue reading

October 22 2014 Guest Author

For anyone who wants to build a business online and start generating some income, there are basically two main paths to take: (1) passive income ... continue reading

September 30 2014 David Wells

Designing a new landing page?

This time try the Conversion Centered Design (CCD) approach.
What is Conversion Centered Design?
It's a sort of design ... continue reading

September 09 2014 David Wells

How to Audit Other Brands & Put Your Results to Work
As websites facilitating eCommerce rapidly become the status quo, it’s increasingly difficult to ... continue reading

January 28 2014 Guest Author

In case we're unfamiliar with inbound marketing, the term refers to a type of promotion where the goal is to drive traffic to our ... continue reading

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