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June 30 2016 Hudson Atwell

You may have noticed that the unsubscribe features of Inbound Now's email component have been enhanced with a few new options. Readers are now ... continue reading

June 14 2016 Hudson Atwell

The Inbound Now Email Component is a subscribers only feature.
Automatic  Sorting of bad emails into lead lists
Inbound now's mailer component now will ... continue reading

June 10 2016 Victoria Vida

The Google Analytics Extension is available complimentary to Inbound Now Subcribers.
Step 1: Google Analytics

Open Google Analytics under the Inbound Now tab on your ... continue reading

Marketing Automation Best Practices
May 27 2016 Larisa Aslanyan

Have you been looking for an all-knowing marketing assistant that happens to be skillful in your craft and actually has time for everyone in ... continue reading

May 20 2016 Hudson Atwell

Inbound Now's email component allows you to provide the reader with a online version of an email. This online version can be used in ... continue reading

May 18 2016 Matt Bissett

Howdy! I'm Matt, and today we're going to make an landing page template for Inbound Now's Landing Pages framework.

What we'll ... continue reading

May 15 2016 Hudson Atwell

At the moment our new lead notification email (the one sent to administrators after a visitor fills out one of our forms) places a link ... continue reading

May 15 2016 Hudson Atwell

We recently pulled 5 email templates out of the Inbound Pro all-in-one plugin to help bring down the size of the plugin. These ... continue reading

May 14 2016 Hudson Atwell

We are removing the following email templates from Inbound Pro all in one plugin:


They will be available for download ... continue reading

May 09 2016 Hudson Atwell

Recently Inbound Now had a few issues with our customer support funnels. We discovered the Akismet Spam Filter we use on our support forums had ... continue reading

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