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March 16 2017 Hudson Atwell

In our latest Inbound Pro release we added support for automatically emailing lead lists when a new post is published. It’s something we’ve naturally wanted to have for awhile and finally got around to building it into our system. In this article I show you exactly how we’ve done it with Inbound Now.

March 24 2016 dennya

Writing a “cold” e-mail to a potential new customer can be hard. You have one chance to make it right and secure a new ... continue reading

July 21 2014 Jesse Aaron

Content is important for any marketing endeavor. However, if the right pieces aren’t at play the content itself won't generate leads. Every post ... continue reading

video click feature
July 10 2014 Jesse Aaron

Video allows brands to provide a sense of personality to their target audience members in a way that fits in with busy lifestyles and requires ... continue reading

May 28 2014 Jesse Aaron

The idea of inbound marketing is to get people to come to you, rather than the other way around, so it’s important to stay ... continue reading

April 05 2013 David Wells

Email marketing done right, still tops all the other fancy ways of connecting with your prospects. While it’s no rocket science, it’s one ... continue reading

December 17 2012 Guest Writer

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December 10 2012 Guest Post

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November 19 2012 Guest Contributor

Could now be the time to improve your email marketing program?

If you’ve been looking in your inbox the last couple weeks you’ve ... continue reading

October 19 2012 Guest Author

Email marketing, when done properly, can be a tremendous tool.

When it’s not done properly, you can cause more harm to your brand than ... continue reading

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