May 07 2013 Guest Post

Who doesn’t want more traffic to their website? If you are an online business owner, more visitors to your website is always a good ... continue reading

November 12 2012 Sponsored Post

Websites that are packed with good quality content have long enjoyed the benefits of high search engine positions and good conversion rates.

However, since Google ... continue reading

October 29 2012 Sponsored Post

If you're an SEO newbie or you've been in the SEO biz for a while, you'll need to know all about on ... continue reading

October 12 2012 David Wells

Keyword research can be a time consuming process if you let it.

What most people don't know is that Google does a majority of ... continue reading

301 wordpress redirects
September 14 2012 David Wells

When moving domains or changing certain pages URL structure you must set up 301 redirects to ensure the SEO juice of your site stays in ... continue reading

August 10 2012 David Wells

Submitting your sitemap to google webmaster tools is a critical setup piece of your website.
Whether you are launching a brand new site or just ... continue reading

July 23 2012 David Wells

An often overlooked piece of on-page search engine optimization is making sure you are interally linking consistantly throughout your site.
An internal link is ... continue reading

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