gutenberg editor
September 06 2017 Lizzie Kardon

The new Gutenberg editor sure is causing a stir! The project aims to replace the visual/text editor in WordPress with a new post and ... continue reading

March 22 2017 Andy Beohar

A look into WordPress Calypso as we try to understand what it is and how we should adapt to it.

wordpress 4.6
August 10 2016 Nate Vickery

WordPress 4.6, the next major version of the most popular CMS in the world, has been in the development mode for quite some time ... continue reading

wordcamp europe
July 05 2016 Nate Vickery

Did you know that 26% of all websites are on WordPress? Globally, WordPress has been the favorite platform of millions of users, with 76.5 ... continue reading

April 14 2016 Hudson Atwell

WordPress Coleman

Named after saxophonists Coleman Hawkins
Lead by Mike Schroder: https://profiles.wordpress ... continue reading

April 07 2016 Hudson Atwell
The news this week has been filled with the so called "Panama Papers" which have resulted in the resignation of at least one ... continue reading

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