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Please use our support forums for sales questions, feedback, feature requests, refund requests and issues with software.

Please note that our support forums are hosted on a completely different WordPress site and in order to post you will have to create an account there. We know this is not ideal, but at the current moment it is how our systems are setup. Like most of you we are a small business with limited revenue, time and expenses. As our company grows we will work to provide better services.

Support Forums FAQ

I can't login!

Most likely you are using the username / password combination you use to access this site. Those will not work. For our support site you must create a new account and use those credentials to post new support tickets.

I can't post on the forums - they say they are closed!

Our opening / close hours are mostly to let people know that like most other small businesses (1 to 5 people) we have lives away from work and will not always be readily available to field your requests.

Even though the forums say we are closed, you will still be able to create posts and we'll see them as soon as we get back.

Please allow staff 24 to 48 hours to respond to a support request.

I posted but no one is replying!

Inbound Now staff has 24 to 48 hours to respond to support requests. If a support request has gone unattended longer than that try sending a Tweet to @inboundnow or @inboundwp.

We are pretty good at being timely!

I cannot find where to post!

From click on the forum that is relevant to your needs and then scroll to the bottom of the page to find the posting form. You must be logged in to see this form.

I'd like to write for Inbound Now

Please see our author's program.

I have a business proposal for Inbound Now

Please post it as a private topic and we'll review it shortly.

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