Content Marketing: A Prominent Link Building Strategy To Earn Visibility And Links

Post written by David Wells
On Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Content marketing is one of the techniques useful in increasing the visibility, as well as to earn links using the best content strategy.  There are many SEO marketers, who do not set right goals to create content.  Content creation doesn’t only mean targeting keywords in a written content, but it is also an art to attract the audience. This is one of the advantages of promotion and marketing. Let’s have a closer look at the role of content marketing to achieve success in web promotions.

“Content Marketing and Link Building – Content Marketing is Marketing or promotion and link building is a skill useful in such marketing. “

It’s all about attracting visitors: Content is the most relevant aspect as far as your visitors are concerned. Content basically consist of blogs, articles, infographics or any small or big information that people may find useful. Since their origin, links have been considered as one of the most important factors in SERP. Content marketing on the other hand, is a path to give exposure to your brand, whereas links to the sites act as votes in favor of our own websites.

Research about people’s needs: The very first step of every marketer should beto find such networks where people may stay active on web; pursuing their work in a field they are interested in the most. Companies which really want to get something from content marketing should provide something new and original every time, avoiding the pre-written content. Moreover, Matt Cutts has advised not to promote same content or article repeatedly on web.

Therefore, it’s time now to promote something new and unique which may develop interest among the visitors using such networks.

Steps To Successful Content Marketing:


#1: Define your content marketing goals

Before creating content, some points to be considered:
– Be specific to choose the type of content from various options, namely – webinars, ebooks, checklists, presentations and more.

– Give weightage to the look of the landing page for that content.

– Select an appropriate format to create content such as text, content color, relative images and many more. In addition to that, frame your content in a format that throws a great impression upon the visitor.

#2: Build Audience and Network

Try to interact with more people making use of social networks. However, be sure that you interact with people who are active and frequently logging in to their accounts.

#3: Write Content which proves to beeffective

Get reference from other articles or blogs to get the necessary flow in your content. Know about the specific interests of your audience and keep delivering your content within definite timing intervals.

#4: Bring Creativity in Your Content

Add interactive stuffs like polls, quiz and contests in your content. This will enhance the time duration of the users on your content compelling them to stay longer on your website.  This could be one of the acute ways to attract more traffic to your website which would help to deliver better results.

#5: Promote Content

After creating content, you could probably look out for the appropriate network to promote your content. Choose the network for promotion which could drive more people to your content and maximize the activities on it.

#6: Follow up Networks

Even if you are done with your content promotion, your job is yet not finished. Your real task actually starts now. Make a statistics of the networks, which provides you the maximum shares or likes for your content. Also, look out for the networks, where users can do more discussions for your content and so on. This will help you to make instant decision about the network along with the type of content.

A good content makes an outstanding impact upon the users. This may provide great benefits to you in the SEO industry. So to achieve success in SEO, an individual should be well aware of the terms associated with the content like impactful or result-driven.  Let’s have a look upon the nature of result-driven content.

Nature of an Impactful Content

Many website owners commit a mistake by assuming content marketing to be the process which initializes after building a site. However, this is not completely true. Content marketing is the process which can be started along with building the site.

Below are some of the steps which may help to develop an effective content:


 Step 1: Try to match up the words with search queries

People usually like to click on links which match their search queries. So brands need to know about such queries before developing content and should add those terms into their content. Apart from adding search queries in content, provide relevant information as it is the much needed thing for which the user visits the website.

Step 2: Content Structure

Is your content easily searchable? If the answer is no, then look out for the appropriate methods through which your content could be easily viewed by the visitors.


Step 3: Serve Content In Less Time

Make sure your content doesn’t take much time in loading and that it is instructive and to the point. These factors will increase the number of visitors to your content.

Step 4: Entertaining Stuff

It is necessary to develop a content that engages the visitors till the end. So try to make your content interesting and enjoyable.


Content marketing is an effective strategy nowadays. Each link to your content is considered as a vote to give priority to content and by getting higher no. of votes, you could top up in SERPs. Make sure to create a content which implements all the above requirements, promoting it so that it suits a place to see more outcomes.

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