Double Opt-in

double opt-in for lead lists.

What is Double Opt-in?

Double Opt-in requires the user to verify a subscription through confirming their email address. This process is called double opt-in because the user performs two actions to be added to a list.

Double opt in is disabled by default for our lead lists, we do this because the additional step reduces conversion rates. Some countries require by law for double optin to be in place.

How to turn on Double Opt-in.

To turn on Double Opt-in, first create the lead list, then after it is created press the edit button and you will see additional options for double optin.

What does the email look like?

All the elements of the default confirmation email template are changeable.

How do we manage unconfirmed leads?

When a lead completes a form submission that is tied to a lead list with double opt-in on they are temporarily stored into a core maintenance list. When the lead confirms their email they are sorted immediately into the lead list they asked to be a part of. We can see what lists are pending approval when we view the lead profile of an unconfirmed lead.

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