Guest Contribution: 5 Ways to Use Content and Storytelling for Inbound Marketing

Post written by John Wieber
On Monday, March 19th, 2018

What better way to attract customers to your brand than with stories?

Storytelling is so powerful, and can be endearing. As a result,  it can also be a driving factor for increasing your inbound traffic and interest from customers.

[1] Humanize your business

People like to do business with people more than businesses. Storytelling puts that personal connection to the forefront of your business. Let your target audience see the personal side of your business through its stories.

[2] Nurturing leads with stories

When your inbound marketing techniques bring you leads, storytelling can help nurture those leads and turn them into sales. Rather than focusing on strictly a sales process, exposing your leads to personal stories about your business and employees can further entice those who would be pushed away or turned off by a ‘hard sell’ technique. In addition to closing the sale, storytelling helps increase sales among your leads.

Once you have a lead, storytelling can help to upsell, cross sell and keep in touch with your customers. Storytelling makes your company more personable and puts emotion in the form of stories into the business.

[4] Cut through the clutter

Content marketers know that much of what is written is almost never read. One way to cut through that clutter and ensure more reads is to utilize storytelling. Make your content more than just readable, but intriguing. That factor of intrigue will boost engagement and it will do a lot of the “selling” for you.

[5] Share more

Storytelling has that endearing factor that touches the hearts of your audience. As we know, touching your audience personally leads to actions that go beyond conversions, but lead to social shares and engagement across social media platforms. One of the goals of inbound marketing is to increase the reach and bring in new customers; this is accomplished through social shares and engagement.

[6] Take advantage of “story” features provided by social application.s

Many of the social media platforms now focus on stories, whether it be through a specific story feature or video. When you have the storytelling content already developed, the next natural step is to include that in social media platform stories and videos to further get the personalized messages about your business out to your audiences. This tactic will also drive traffic back to your website and likely need to even more social shares, which are vital to the storytelling process as we mentioned above.

Summary and Takeaways for Your Company

Inbound marketing techniques must evolve just like other forms of marketing. Adding storytelling into your marketing mix is one way to evolve and improve upon your inbound marketing efforts. We hope you have seen how you can use content and storytelling for inbound marketing by adding a personal touch to the face of your business, nurturing leads, cutting through the content clutter, increasing social shares, and promoting stories on social networks. Of course, focusing on content and storytelling means boosting your writing talent. Be sure to focus on hiring writers that can accomplish these goals for your business.


About the Author:
John Wieber is Partner at He has 15+ years experience in web development, ecommerce, and internet marketing. He has been actively involved in the internet marketing efforts of more then 100 websites in some of the most competitive industries online.

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