How to Create Balanced E-Mails That Result In New Customers

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On Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Writing a “cold” e-mail to a potential new customer can be hard. You have one chance to make it right and secure a new client, or your marketing falls flat and you end up in the Spam folder. Balancing the formal and informal while maintaining a steady flow of information throughout the e-mail without boring the reader is a matter of experience and trial-and-error, and while some rules always apply, some vary significantly from audience to audience.

Using e-mail to contact potential new customers and clients gives us an advantage that no other form of contact provides, yet it’s easy to overlook it; e-mail is a very personal, one-on-one communication between two people, and it allows us to address the receiver with any tone and style we desire. It’s just a matter of locking-in on our target audience’s needs and personalities; the rest comes easy. But how do we do this?


First impressions

These days it’s easy to end up in Junk/Spam for the simple reason of having a generic headline and/or opening line; the same kind actual spam mail filled with malware uses. You don’t have to be original, just unique enough to stand out. Don’t mention any prices or phrases like “SUPER SPECIAL DISCOUNT!” in the headline because as you’ve noticed yourself when you read it just now; it’s distasteful and makes you suspicious right off the bat. Be professional and most importantly, treating your potential customers with respect.

Be constructive

There’s nothing worse than having to read through a mile-long e-mail just to get to an external link or a call-to-action. Keep it to around 80-100 words and make sure you include about 20% of actual promotion in that. Going 100% promo will make the reader feel like they’ve opened an actual spam by accident and don’t pay much attention afterwards? Address them properly, explain how this e-mail came to them and then tell them what it is all about.

Call to action

This is the main reason you sent the e-mail; you want the mailing list to react and buy your product. When including a call-to-action be sure to add a special something to make it worth their while; a discount code, a free e-book or 7-day trial. People love it when you’re generous and giving them a free trial or free anything really and it’s a good way to convert them to your customers.


Be patient

Sending one e-mail a day to the same mailing list may not sound like much, but very soon it becomes annoying and people feel forced to buy something. This is the definition of “spam”; a single e-mail every few weeks is enough to let people know that you have something for them and that you’re okay if they don’t want to buy it now. It will make you come off as professional and understanding of their time and budgets and that will make people flock to you and buy whatever you’re selling; for the simple fact of treating them correctly; they’re people, not ATMs.

Be available

Sending an e-mail is all well and good; but every once in a while people will respond with a reply and ask questions. Be sure to answer on time and have all the info you may need for potential questions. Just by answering them in a few hours’ time will make them more comfortable just by knowing that there’s a person on the other side. Remember what we said about one-on-one? This is one of the situations it comes into play; correct and efficient replies go a long way in making them comfortable with you and converting to regular customers.


Seeing that new customers are skeptical of unknown e-mails it’s easy to grasp the concept of making sure your opening is done correctly. The timeframe of making first-impressions is brief, and it’s up to you and your marketing team to sell your story as something anyone would like to buy. Once you get a hang of it it’s easy to convert your new mailing lists into regular customers over and over again. If you’re still having issues understanding how email marketing works, a direct mail service company can be of great assistance; all you have to do is get informed before making a choice as there are hundreds of services out there that promise miracle results.

About the Author:
Author Bio: Denny Averill is the writer to this article. He is a regular contributor at many sites and mainly focuses on business and marketing related topics.

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