How to get your Mandrill API Key

Post written by Hudson Atwell
On Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Mandrill recently announced they were retiring Mandrill as a stand alone service and incorporate it into MailChimp as an add on service.

Mandrill was the first email service Inbound Now incorporated into it’s WordPress powered email client & at the time of this article Mandrill is still the only supported service, although there are plans to incorporate more, possibly through SendGrid, or Mandrill’s recommended replacement SparkPost.

I did some digging into MailChimp’s new integration to find out how new customers are getting their API keys.

Step I: Login to MailChimp



Step II: Access your Profile Area


Step 3: Access the Transactional area and launch Mandrill.


Step 4: Access Mandrill Settings Menu Item and click ‘SMTP & API Info’. Create your API Key.



We hope this short tutorial helps someone and stands up to the times of 2016. If you are looking for a WordPress plugin that can replace your autoresponder please consider the Inbound Now tool suite.

About the Author:
Cheers! Hudson Atwell is a co-founder and the current CEO of Inbound Now. You can follow him on his Twitter at @atwellpub or invest in his work on patreon. Thanks for reading!

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