How to Use Zapier to Automatically Grow Your Twitter Following

Post written by Sophorn Chhay
On Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Twitter has more than 500 million registered users, making it the second most popular of hundreds of social media sites, second only to Facebook. Twitter’s unique format make it easy for busy consumers to digest small bits of information. Posts, called “tweets” are limited to 160 characters, so there’s no danger of a reader getting bored and moving on. And, people aren’t just connecting on their computers. Mobile social media engagement has grown by more than 5 percent in the last year.

As with other social media sites, timely and relevant posts are key. However, it can sometimes be difficult to carve out the time to interact with your customers and followers on Twitter while juggling your other job responsibilities. That’s where Zapier can help.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a software program that makes it easy to manage posts to Twitter and more than 300 other social media sites. It allows you to set up common responses and events, so that you don’t have to repeat the same messages over and over. For instance, if a customer signs up for your newsletter or RSVPs for an event, you can instruct Zapier to tweet a welcome message. Such communications help to build a relationship with your customers without stealing all of your precious time.

How to best use Zapier to add to your Twitter following

The secret to growing any social media following is to post frequent, interesting and shareable posts. Zapier helps to automate that process via “zaps” that you create. Zaps are triggered responses to common inquiries and events. Using Zapier doesn’t have to be expensive. You can test the system by creating up to five zaps for free. Below are just a few ways to make Zapier work for you.

1. Share new content with your Twitter followers.

One of the most effective ways to use Zapier to grow your Twitter fan base is to create a zap that automatically posts your most recent website articles and blog musings to Twitter. That way your followers will know when there is new information about your company without having to look in multiple places.

Step 1: Select the Tweet new blog posts Zap

Tweet new blog posts Zap

Step 2: To use this Zap, you’ll need access to a RSS feed and a Just click on the “Make this Zap!” button.

Make This Zap

Step 3: Enter the feed url to your blog.

Enter Feed URL

Step 4: Connect your Twitter account.

Connect Twitter Account

Next, you allow Zapier to access your Twitter account.

Let Zapier Access Twitter

Next, just click to Authorize to use the account.

Authorize to use the account

And for the last step, just click the “Save + Finish!” button.

Save Zap

Zapier is connected to Twitter

2. Publicize your events.

If you use sites like MeetUp and Eventbrite to list your events, such as wine tastings, book signings or trunk shows, you can create a zap that will automatically advise your Twitter followers of each new event.

Step 1: Select the New Event Trigger

Step 2: Select the Create Tweet Action

Step 3: Click continue to create your new Zap

Connect Eventbrite to Twitter

Step 4: Connect your Event Brite Account

Create Eventbrite Account

Next, you allow Zapier to access your Eventbrite account.

Access Eventbrite Account

Save Eventbrite Account

Step 5: Connect your Eventbrite to Twitter.

Connect Twitter to Eventbrite

Setup Twitter Message


And that’s it. Whenever you create a new event in Eventbrite, Zapier to automatically alert all your Twitter followers.

3. Connect Your Intagram posts to Twitter.

Twitter isn’t just about text. You can post images on the site, also. Another great way to make use of Zapier is to use it to grab your new Instagram posts and share them with your Twitter followers.

From the recommended Zap list, you can select the “Share Instagram Photos to Twitter automatically Zap”.

Connect Instagram to Twitter

Next, click on “Make this Zap!”.

Make Instagram and Twitter Zap

Next, you’ll need to connect your Instagram account.

Connect Instagram Account

Next, you can choose the Twitter account that you’d like to share your Instagram photos on.

Choose Your Twitter Account

And finally, you just click on Save + Finish.

Save Twitter Message

Successfully connected Instagram to Twitter

And you are done. Now, every time you add a new photo to Instagram, Zapier will automatically post it to your Twitter account to share it with your followers to help you grow your Twitter following.

Creating a concise, timely and cohesive social media marketing plan doesn’t have to take all of your waking hours. Tools like Zapier can help you keep in close touch with your customers and fans without taking you away from your other obligations.


4. Do things when you get a new follower! (editor addition)

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