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Post written by Hudson Atwell
On Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

What’s new in

This release is very special to Inbound Now subscribers because it compliments the stats we’ve been collecting with visual reporting engine. We are calling this reporting engine Inbound Analytics.

In addition to improved data insights, we’ve also added ‘Double Opt-in’ support for our lead list segmentation system. Double opt-in is required by law in some countries and to-date has been a requested addition for Inbound Now.

Please continue to read below for more information on Inbound Analytics and Double Opt-in.

Inbound Analytics

It has been a vision of Inbound Now to provide an integrated analytics experience that shows stats from two different perspectives:

  • The content performance perspective.
  • The visitor/lead performance perspective.

A WordPress administrator is going to want to know what content is performing well by how many lead events it generates. They’re going to want to know why that content is performing well, and then they’re going want to use this information in their site optimization strategies.

From different perspective the WordPress administrator is going to want to gain insight into their website users’ experience, search for behavior patterns that might give them additional insight, and also make sure all planned engagements are going well.

In this latest version we hope you can begin to see how Inbound Now seeks to bring these two perspectives in front of the WordPress administrator. Our components are still young, but we are off to a good start.

Perspective – Analytics by Content

Click the below on the screenshots for the story:


Perspective – Analytics by Lead

Click the below on the screenshots for the story:

Work in Progress

Remember Inbound Now is young and working with limited resources. If you notice quality issues with statistics please open up a support ticket on the support forum and we can see what new round of improvements need to be added.

The New Double Opt-in Feature

Double Opt-in is disabled for lead lists by default as they are proven to decrease conversion and engagement rates, yet still some countries require them by law so, thanks to a collaboration between Inbound Now employee Matt Bisset and I, we have them in. Here are the screenshots that tell a story on how this new component feature works:


Beyond the major additions

Beyond the major additions listed above we’ve a handful of code refactors and minor bug fixes that come with the natural development of the plugin as well as a handful of Extension Updates that make popular Inbound Now extensions compatible with the new reporting engine. Let’s take a look:

Google Analytics Extension

Inbound Analytics engine started as the Google Analytics engine. As we started working with our collecting data more we saw the need to have Google Analytic’s data further separated, yet still included for helpful insights. Take a look:


Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, and Gravity Forms:

We got this sweet reporting engine now. The data has always been collected, but now we are properly rendering it:


That is definitely not all folks

Event though revenue is not yet sufficient enough to fund the Inbound Now product, people are still working hard to see it’s quality improve all the time and new features brought on-board to serve our userbase.

If you are happy with these additions and have read this far why not leave us a positive review on With limited marketing capabilities a good word there goes a long way. Remember we are more likely to get a negative review out of passion than a positive one out of pleasure, so we have these calls to action to plead for your help.

Please halp! ; )

We need new twitter tweets on our home sales page too. The ones we have are old, please let’s get your name on the front of the site!

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Cheers! Hudson Atwell is a co-founder and current administrator of Inbound Now. Consider hiring him through the Agency or connecting with him professionally through LinkedIn.

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