Introducing the Contextual Calls to Action WordPress Plugin

Post written by David Wells
On Monday, September 17th, 2012

Editor’s note!

We have retired this plugin in favor for our new plugin Calls to Action!



The past couple of months, we have been working on something BIG.

Being a perfectionist sucks for launching something new and we have pushed back the launch date again and again.

But no more I say!

A wise man once told me:

finish what you started

So today, we are doing just that.

Introducing Inbound Now’s first Premium WordPress Plugin:

The Contextual Calls to Action Plugin

What does it do? I’m glad you asked!!!

The plugin allows you to quickly and easily insert contextually relevant calls to action into your WordPress site.

For example the sidebar call to action you see on this post was served because I used the keyword “call to action” in this post.

Google grew into the billion dollar company they are today because of their ability to serve up contextually relevant ads to searchers.


Because showing a targeted relevant call to action is far more compelling than showing a call to action (or advertisement) that has nothing to do with the content of the page.

Think about it: If you were on a shoe stores website and you saw an advertisement/call to action to buy (let’s say) a calculator… Would it be likely that you click through on that call to action? Probably NOT.

Now, let’s say you are browsing a shoe companies site and are looking at the nike shoes section and in the sidebar of that page a contextually relevant ad is shown in the sidebar that reads “20% off Nike brand shoes coupon. Click here to redeem” or “The top 10 nike shoe deals for the month of September”.

Which is better? Well that is really a no brainer. The ads that speak to the visitors behaviors and original intent will always out preform random calls to actions.

So why aren’t companies (b2c and b2b alike) customizing their conversion paths and site call to actions to fit the content of each page?

Well for one, it takes a lot of work to do so and it’s time consuming.

For this reason, we set out to solve that problem by creating the contextual calls to action plugin for WordPress.

With the Contextual Call to Action Plugin You Can:

  • Serve Better Targeted Calls to Action
  • Convert More Website Visitors
  • Increase Lead Flow
  • Be a Happy Camper

The plugin allows users to quickly and easily insert contextually relevant calls to action into their WordPress powered sites.

For the full product tour click here.

Keyword Specific Call to Action Placements

Based off of the keywords used in your content, you can contextually place calls to action into the body of the content or into a sidebar widget area.

Category Specific Call to Action Placements

If you have a specific calls to action for a content offer, demo, or “free consultation” that would fit better into specific categories of posts than others you can serve those in the post categories that make sense.

Post/Page Call to Action Quick Add

The plugin gives users the ability to add in calls to action manually on per page or post basis as well.

This will allow you to make sure that no page or post on your site goes without a call to action and you have those critical conversion paths set up!

Add in Popup Calls to Action

Popup’s work. You might hate them but the numbers don’t lie, they convert like mad.

The contextual call to action plugin will allow you to show specific popup calls to action based off of the rules you set to make sure your website visitors are setting ads that apply to them.

Popup’s trigger once per browser session and won’t fire multiple times for the visitor browsing your site.

Sidebar Specific Call to ActionPlacements

The CCTA plugin gives you the ability to place call to action widgets in various widgets in your WordPress theme and will only render a call to action if a contextual rule is met.

If no contextual rules are met, no call to action will display and the visitor will see your normal sidebar.

Manage Calls to Action in One Place

The plugin allows users to manage calls to action from a centralized location in their WordPress site and make changes is one place.

This helps streamline the process of updating site wide calls to actions without having to go tweak them page by page.

Hooray for time savings!

Take the tour and let me know what you think!

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About the Author:
David is Founder of Inbound Now and a Fanatical WordPress Designer & Developer. He believes that the internet is a magical place where wonderful things can happen. Say hi to him @DavidWells

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