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Important changes inside

I ran into an issue with the links not working and had to debug. But it’s working now. The correct links are in the message below:


Dear Affiliate,

This is the first email we’ve sent using our new email component…

That’s not why I am emailing you… but it sure is cool.

In a week or so I’ll launch the new website with new pricing model and a new affiliate program. This means the current affiliate program you’ve signed up for is going to be retired.

You can see our new website here:
Unreleased Inbound Now Website

And the details of our new affiliate program here:

New Affiliate Program

In a nutshell, our new program is 10% on all reoccurring subscription payments. 10% for one time sales…. though I will most likely increase if the commission rate of one time sales in the future…. but for now the commission rate is uniform.

To read more about our new affiliate program you can see the blog post I made here:

Important information on new affiliate program


Hudson Atwell

Inbound LLC. – 388 Dolores Street San Francisco San Francisco, CA