WordPress Newsletter Plugin

Email Management Component

  • Send email followups and followup series to new subscribers
  • Send newsletter emails to your lists
  • Variant/split test email variations with UI analytics reporting
  • Unsubscribe management system with "Mute" options in addition to unsubscribe options
  • Email related activity stored in a Lead's activity profile.
  • Choose from included email templates or design your own email templates (advanced, requires working with code).


Our mail component provides a framework similar to our Landing Pages tool.  We provide easy template selection and setup as well as variant testing capabilities.

Messing around with test email sends

Email Powered by WP_Mail() or SparkPost

Leveraging WP_Mail() to Send Emails

As of 1/19/2019 we've added the default WordPress email sending system as a supported email service. This allows WordPress to send your email using their wp_mail() PHP function which alleviates the dependency on the third-party email service SparkPost.  

This also means that Inbound Now PRO will leverage any SMTP plugin you've installed on your WordPress site to send email. 

Inbound Now PRO ships with SparkPost Support

Inbound Now PRO includes SparkPost as an alternative email service provider.

SparkPost provides it's users with 15,000 free sends for the first month and then they request that you purchase a monthly allotment of email sends. You can read more about SparkPost's offering from their website here.

Using a service like SparkPost instead of using the default WordPress email engine will add two unique reporting statistics to your email send system:

Rejects and Bounces

Monitoring rejects and bounces can help administrators maintenance and clean their  lead lists, which can improve and maintain good inboxing rates. 

Our email component is extendable

In the future we may add more services. In the meantime our plugins are extendable and a 3rd party development team could integrate a new email service. 

New post notification to readers

By combing our email component with our automation component we can setup rules to email our lead lists every time new content is published.

Like other Inbound Pro components our email component is a framework where your developers can add their own email templates, or use the ones we include with the software.

Below is an example of what one of our default templates looks like when we send a notification email to our readers about a new post added to our blog.

Sample of our "new post notification" template for a new post notification setup.

Follow up email series

When a reader is added to one of our lists we may want to initiate a series of emails. We even sends welcome emails here at Inbound Now, powered by our tools. In this case we would want to use our email component alongside our automation component to create an email followup series.

Automatic list sorting

Whenever an email is bounced, rejected or marked spam we add them to a list where at a later moment you can manually address them, or bulk address them using our lead list management tool

Additional Screenshots

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