Inbound Mailer

Email Management Component

  • Send email followups and followup series to new subscribers
  • Variant/split test email variations with UI analytics reporting
  • Unsubscribe management system.
  • Email related activity stored in a Lead's activity profile.
  • Choose from included email templates or design your own email templates.


Our mail component provides a framework similar to our Landing Pages tool.  We provide easy template selection and setup as well as variant testing capabilities.

Messing around with test email sends

Powered By Transactional Email Services


Inbound Now's official email service provider is SparkPost. SparkPost provides it's users with 100,000 free sends a month and then an affordable rate their after. You can read more about SparkPost from their website.

The new marketing automation component

Our marketing automation component is brand new and still under development. We plan to study how our users leverage it and improve it over the 2016 year. Currently it can only be used to schedule time driven email series. In essence it is a trigger/action rule engine powered by WordPress hooks. Right now there are only a few triggers and actions. We'd like to see this list grow. One day this tool might be used to create a lead rating/badging system. We are curious about how this component will be leveraged over time.

Setting up the trigger

Setting up the action!

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