Dynamic Keywords Shortcode Tool

Shortcode that reads keywords from referring Google PPC links.


Running PPC ads?

Dynamically place keywords on your landing page that align with the keywords in your PPC campaigns to increase conversion rates. The Keywords Shortcode extension for Wordpress Landing Pages adds two new shortcodes designed to work with landers: [lp-keyword] and [lp-keyword-random].

[lp-keywords] will check the visitor’s referring URL (Usually a Google search results page with your PPC ads on it) and will look for the searched query associated with your PPC campaign and replace the [lp-keywords] shortcode with the query. This will help generate a keyphrase-targeted landing page title and content for your landing page. We can even set a default keyphrase to render when traffic arrives from locations not containing any query data. We do this by setting an extra parameter in our shortcode like this: [lp-keyword default=”some default keywords here!”].

The other shortcode we offer is [lp-keyword-random], where we can define a pool of keyphases like this: [lp-keyword-random keywords=”keyphrase 1,keyphrase 2”]. Once a visitor loads your landing page a single keyphrase will be selected from and will be cookied into the visitor’s browser for 30 days. This makes sure the returning visitor is always shown the same keyphrase during his visits.

We are not sure why you would ever need to use this second shortcode but it sounded like such a cool idea we had to throw it in!


  • Shortcode for Dynamic Keyword Replacement based on PPC keywords

  • Shortcode for Random Keyword Selection for Each Visitor.

  • Keywords selected are “remembered” for each visitor for up to 30 days.


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