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A dynamic call to action template


Dynamic Areas

This is an invitation to subscribe Call To Action inspired by an ad by Easy Digital Downloads. It's divided into two main areas: the Header area and the Main Content area.

Header Area

The Header is about one-fifth the total height of the CTA, and features: positionable content, background image and color, and a font picker.

Main Content Area

The Main Content fills the remaining four-fifths of the CTA and contains: A variable text header, a flexible center form area and a text footer below the form. These elements can be grouped into a block to display at the top, middle or bottom of the content area. They can also be arranged so the Form is in the center, and the Header and Footer texts are respectively positioned at the top and bottom of the Main Content area.

More Information

Additionally, the elements can be aligned to the left, center or right of the Main Content area. The Form section has control of: the color of the button text, field and button background, and user entered text. The Form can also be set to display in a single horizontal line.Finally, the CTA can be inverted so the Header is on the bottom and the Main Content is on the top. The default width for this CTA is 600px, and the default height is 230px. 

How to install




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