GotoWebinar Integration

Use Landing Pages as Webinar Signup Forms


Integrate Inbound Now  tools with GoToWebinar

If you are a trying to grow your in-house mailing list, Webinars are a very powerful tool to utilize.

Tired of manually exporting all of your GoToWebinar registrants and importing them into your favorite CRM or email marketing tool?

This WordPress landing page add-on is built to streamline the webinar/lead generation process for your business, so you can focus more time on the content, rather than how everything ‘should’ work.

This  Add-on will allow you to:

  • Capture Webinar Signups from Inbound Forms
  • Use Your Own Forms to Register Attendees

How to install and setup this extension.


How to install Inbound Now Extensions

Setup for Inbound Pro users

Please see wp-admin->Inbound Pro->Settings->Extension Settings and find your GotoWebinar Setup area and input your GoToWebinar Keys.

Setup for users using our free plugins (Landing Pages, Leads, Calls to Action)

Please see  wp-admin->(Inbound Now Plugin)->Settings->Extensions and setup your GoToWebinar Keys.

Obtaining your GoToWebinar keys:

  1. Register for an account over at and create a new application. Also see for assistance
  2. When creating a new application. Be sure to include your domain url as your callback URL

Integrating with Inbound Forms

Next head into your inbound forms and setup your target form to have GoToWebinar integration enabled and add the webinar ID you would like to have the form connect. There is more information inside the plugin that will help you. Also, do not forget to Map Your Fields. That last bit is very important.

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