Divi Extension

Adds Divi Support to Landing Pages framework

About this Extension

This free extension adds support for the popular page builder Divi to our Landing Pages plugin.

Divi builder will only work landing pages with ‘Use current theme’ selected as the landing page template.

Contributing to Development

You can contribute to it’s development here.

How to Install

Please see this document on how to install extensions.



About Layout Management

Sourced from https://divibooster.com/enable-divi-builder-on-custom-post-types/ :

“If there you wish to use layouts with your [landing page], you may initially be disappointed – when you click on “Load From Library” you’ll see that both the predefined layouts and the layouts library are empty. Divi maintains a separate set of layouts for each post type and so for custom post types there are initially no layouts at all. However, the layouts feature is actually working.

You can save layouts to the library (from your custom post type edit screen) using the “Save to Library” button. You’ll need to reload the edit screen, but once you do the layout will show up when you go to “Load From Library > Add From Library”.

You can also copy layouts across from other post types (e.g. standard posts and pages), one section at a time, by right clicking on each section of the layout, clicking “Copy” and then in the custom post type, right clicking after the last section and clicking “Paste”. This can be used to copy both custom and pre-defined layouts from other post types. It’s a little bit laborious, but should only need to be done once for any given layout – you can then save it to your custom post type’s layout library for easy access in the future.”

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