Sendlane Integration

Free Extension offers a cross-channel, multi-communication marketing automation engine that empowers your business with more than just email.
Inbound Now offers a free integration plugin for Sendlane users.


  • Connect Inbound Forms to Sendlane Lists
  • Bulk Export Leads to SendLane lists using native WordPress bulk export tools.
  • [Inbound PRO Subscribers] Automation action to send lead data to lead lists.
With this asset you can capture and send form submissions to your SendLane lists!



  1. Download this asset
  2. Install it as you would any WordPress plugin
  3. Head into either the Landing Pages or Inbound PRO settings area and find the extensions setup section. Add your API Key, Hash, and Domain inputs here into the appropriate area. These keys are available from your Sendlane Account Settings Area.
  4. Connect Sendlane to your Inbound Forms.
  5. Be sure to map your fields when creating your Inbound Form fields!
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This is a free asset!

Free extensions are uploaded like any other WordPress plugin. Free templates are uploaded through an UI interface accesible from within the related plugin's nav menu.

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