MailPoet Integration

Special integrations with the MailPoet plugin.


MailPoet2 brings the power of a 3rd party autoresponder service to WordPress by allowing you to manage and email subscribers. An extension for MailPoet3 is in the works.

Our new MailPoet integration tool helps synchronize Inbound lead lists with MailPoet subscriber lists, allowing MailPoet to tap into the power of Inbound Now's lead generation and segmentation tools.

This extension will:
  1. Import contacts from Leads database and sort them into the MailPoet database.
  2. Adds new leads to MailPoet subscriber lists as they are added to Inbound Lead Lists.

How to Install

  1. Upload inbound-mailpoet/ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

How to Setup

After activation, on new installations, you will be prompted to synchronize current lead lists and leads with MailPoet's subscriber lists and subscribers.import-prompt-screenshot If this is a brand new WordPress instance the synchronization process should finish immediately. If you've a lot of leads to import into the MailPoet system synchronization may take a couple of minutes.The synchronization process is powered by loading pages in the wp-admin area. We can only process a small number of leads at a time so it may take a couple of refreshes to get the job done completely.During synchronization lead lists will become mirrored as MailPoet subscriber lists.Be careful before you synchronize your lists!  If your MailPoet is setup to email subscribers for confirmation then all the leads imported into subscriber lists will also be mailed to confirm being added to the subscriber list.If you do not have any lead lists with leads in them then no subscriber lists will be imported and subscribers will not be created from the Leads database.After initial synchronization the extension will take care of future synchronizations automatically.


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