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A dynamic call to action template

 thumbnailThis is a Call To Action template for promoting your marketing partners, inspired by Pagely Managed WordPress Hosting, it works well for any sort of presentational call to action. The default dimensions are: width 1000px and height: 300px. It has three main elements:
  • the Corner Label
  • the Image Area,
  • and the Text Area.
The label is optional and by default is in the upper-left corner of the Image Area.The Image Area is one-third the total length of the CTA and by default is on the left.The Text Area fills the remaining two-thirds of the CTA and by default is on the right.The CTA can be reversed so the Text Area is on the left, the Image Area is the right and the small label is in the upper-right corner of the Image Area. 

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This is a free asset!

Free extensions are uploaded like any other WordPress plugin. Free templates are uploaded through an UI interface accesible from within the related plugin's nav menu.

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