Spirit of MuleSoft

A dynamic call to action template


This is a flexible, reversible Call To Action inspired by an ad for Mulesoft, it’s divided into three main areas.


Top Content Area

At the top is the Top Content area. It’s the primary introduction area, and supports a background image, background color, vertical and horizontal content alignment, and a font picker.

Middle Content Area

In the middle is the Middle Content area. It acts as a billboard spacer and features: a background color, vertical and horizontal content alignment, and font styling. The Middle Content area can be removed, in which case the top and bottom content areas will expand to fill in the space.

Bottom Content Area

At the bottom is the Bottom Content area, which is sub-divided into the Main Content area, the Textlink feature and the Redirect Button. The Textlink feature is a text message that you can use to tell your visitors where your promotion is, or where the Redirect Button links to. The Redirect Button is circular, supports a Font Awesome based font icon, and can be placed on either the right side or the left of the Bottom Content area. Additionally, this Call To Action can be reversed, so the Bottom Content area is on the top, and the Top Content area is on the bottom.

The default width is 460px, and the default height is 400px.


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