Use Landing Page As Homepage

Set Your Landing Page as your home page URL

homepage-landing-pageThis WordPress landing page extension will allow you to use any landing page template as the home page of your site.


  • Set a landing page as the home page permanently. (see screenshot below)
  • Set a landing page as a splash page that only shows once per visitor.

Static Landing Page as Homepage

With this extension we have the option to set our static homepage as a landing page using WordPress's core settings: 

Landing page as a "Splash Page"

Or we can show a landing page to the visitor one time only and then the homepage will revert to your default homepage. Please note that you should use one method or another, but not both at the same time.Setup in Inbound Pro Plugin:For users running our free and more powerful Inbound Pro plugin use the settings location below:Head into wp-admin->Inbound Now->Settings-> Extension Settings: lander-home-setupSettings inside stand alone Landing Pages pluginHead into wp-admin->Landing Pages->Settings to setup your splash page.  


As of 2019 all Inbound Now templates and extensions are bundled under our affordable membership plan that provides access to all templates and extensions at a very low cost. All plans include a 30 day money back guarantee.

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