My Canned Responses Chrome Extension – A Lightweight Canned Response & Snippet Manager

Post written by Ali Khallad
On Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

You only have so many hours in a day. If you’re working in sales, or a developer who is doing the sales part as well, you don’t want to spend a good portion of your day crafting the perfect replies and answering the same questions.

The Problem

Frequently, when responding to customer queries, you may find yourself typing the same replies, or part of them, over and over again. However, time spent drafting these can make a good portion of your daily work routine, and that is not the best use of your valuable time.

My Problem

As a developer, I noticed that, when engaging clients or prospects, there was always a big part of the conversation that included answers and replies I’ve previously used multiple times, these common follow ups, questions, answers and messages were extremely time-consuming especially when engaging multiple clients and working on projects at the same time. At this stage, I knew I had to create a solution to optimize the process.

The Solution

One of the proven solutions to increase productivity and accelerate growth is canned responses.

My Solution

To solve this problem I wanted to create something that I can use anywhere without leaving the current browser tab or navigating away. I was attracted to the idea of developing a chrome extension for this specific need using what the browser already offers ( e.g. storage API ), so I created a simple extension that allows saving canned responses as snippets inside the browser’s storage, and retrieving them on any page with a click of a button.

The extension: My Canned Responses
The Code: Github (open source)
Development time: 2 days
Resources: Google


What Are Canned Responses

Canned responses is the idea of writing response templates and using these to reply to common queries when ever needed.

When & How To Use Canned Responses

  • Use canned responses for any text the find yourself typing over and over again.
  • Always change your canned replied before slapping them at someone’s face.
  • Be wise about using canned responses, irreverent responses can make users angry at you and your business.

Last Words

As developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs our time is our most valuable asset, we should always strive to cut down the time spent on recurring tasks and focus more on enjoying life & growing on both, the personal and professional levels.

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About the Author:
My name is Ali, a full stack web developer based in Morocco, I create innovative, accessible, and fast solutions for the web. I work with people from all around the world to realize their ideas on the web and bring them value, you can find me on Codeable for free estimates.

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