Adding Support for Ninja Forms 3

Post written by Hudson Atwell
On Friday, November 18th, 2016

Inbound Now is proud to announce we’ve added the Ninja Forms 3 Integration Extension to our marketplace. This extension can be purchased individually or, for subscribers, installed through Inbound Pro’s one click installation system.

Features Added by this Extension:

  • Add form submitters to lead database.
  • Add form submitters to lead lists.
  • Record submission events inside events database.
  • Send form submitters follow up emails using Inbound Now’s Email Component (applies only to Inbound Now subscribers with access to email component).

Introduction to Ninja Forms

Inbound Now + Ninja Forms Screenshots:

Below we are setting what actions occur after the form is submitted. In our case we will want to create a new Inbound Now lead.


When setting up the action we can: 1) Add lead to lead lists. 2) Send lead an email if email component is available 3) Map form inputs to lead fields for data retention.



Below is an example of a Lead Profile created through a Ninja Forms submission.


Other 3rd Party Form Builders Supported by Inbound Now

About the Author:
Cheers! Hudson Atwell is a co-founder and current administrator of Inbound Now. Consider hiring him through the Agency or connecting with him professionally through LinkedIn.

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