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Post written by Shahid Abbasi
On Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Running a successful business is a multi-faceted task. At any one point, you need to pay attention to a hundred different aspects of your business to check that it’s running smoothly. In recent years, it has become evident that one of the key areas that every business must pay attention to is how accessible your business is for mobile users. In order to successfully optimize your business for a mobile device, you must go over a few important points. Read on to see why mobile optimization plays such an important part in the success of a business.

1. Search Engine Rankings

In April 2015, Google updated its guidelines regarding, among other topics, mobile-friendly websites. It said that having a responsive web design will have a direct effect on how highly a mobile website is ranked. Responsive design is when you build a website while considering different devices through which your website could be accessed. Using responsive web design, you create a website that automatically adjusts its displays so that your web pages can be viewed across devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

A Google study found that 61% of users will leave a website if it’s not mobile-friendly. Google owns most of the mobile market share (83%), and in April 2015 the company stated that how mobile-friendly your website is, will be criteria for how high your website is ranked on Google. In fact, Google even provides a free tool which businesses can use to see how mobile-friendly their website is.

2. Develop a mobile app for higher Google rankings

In addition to building a great mobile website for your business, creating an app can bring its own advantages. When someone searches for terms that are very similar to your mobile app’s listing, this can potentially bring your app a lot of visibility. The reason for this is that when certain searches are done on Android devices through Google, the search engine returns a selection of apps, called an ‘App Pack’, from Google Play for.

An ‘App Pack’ is when search results show a group of similar apps, appearing at the top of search results, even surpassing the first organic search results at times. Google usually displays higher-than-average ranked apps in an ‘App Pack’. This means that an app has a potentially higher visibility than a mobile website.

3. Increasing number of smartphone users

Statistics show that 77% of U.S. consumers own a smartphone. It has also been found that consumers prefer brands which offer a positive mobile experience. According to Statista, in 2016 there were 4.61 billion mobile phone users. Almost everyone today has a mobile phone, and an increasing number of consumers are accessing the internet solely via their mobile device. If you want to retain a loyal customer base, not having a mobile friendly website is not an option for your business.

4. Millennials love smartphones

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are the largest group of smartphone users in the United States. This group consists of consumers aged between 18 and 24 years and 98% of this group owns smartphones. It is also interesting to note that various studies have found millennials to be the most technologically engaged generation. Research has found that approximately 90% of millennials use two or three devices daily and over half of this group claims to be extremely loyal to their favorite brands. This demographic also prefers authenticity to advertising, which means that instead of traditional means of advertising, millennials are looking for brands which make it clear that the customer is at the

This demographic also prefers authenticity to advertising, which means that instead of traditional means of advertising, millennials are looking for brands which make it clear that the customer is at the center of everything a brand does. Millennials are not only the largest segment of smartphone users, but also the most brand loyal consumers, so having a business that is optimized for mobile use is imperative.

5. E-commerce needs mobile presence

E-commerce giant Amazon once found that every millisecond wasted when a website takes a time to load, leads to a 1% decrease in sales. If you are an e-commerce business, it is necessary to have a fully functioning mobile app. In 2016, mCommerce was estimated at a value of USD $123.13 billion, a figure that was double its 2014 predecessor. A study found that customers prefer a mobile app instead of a browser when accessing an eCommerce store from a smartphone. Developing a mobile app brings several benefits:

  • Push notifications: This function allows an eCommerce business to drive user engagement by informing the customer of potential deals without the user having to open their browser.
  • Analytics: When you make a mobile app available for your customers, it allows you to monitor user behavior, and therefore helps you optimize your app and the overall brand. Through an app, you can establish a relationship with your customers which is simply not possible through a mobile browser. An app allows you to provide a seamless user experience regardless of which device is being used.
  • No logins: The ease of access using an app as opposed to a mobile browser is clear to see. The user doesn’t need to deal with tedious login procedures every time he or she accesses the store which in turn leads to an overall improved user experience.


Today there are more people using smartphones than ever before, and this has revolutionized the way we access the internet and how we interact with brands. With a highly competitive environment, mobile-optimization is a must for every business that’s serious about its success. Making your brand as accessible as possible for your customer, offering a seamless user experience, improving your search engine rankings and studying your customers’ behavior are just a few of the reasons why it’s essential that you have a business that takes its mobile optimization strategy seriously.

About the Author:
Shahid Abbasi is a content developer with Peerbits, one of the top iOS app development companies. Shahid likes to keep busy with his team and to provide top-notch mobility solutions for enterprises and startups.

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