Leveraging the Power of Marketing to Sell Your WordPress Plugins

Post written by Sagar Sheral
On Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

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“Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.”
-Mike Volpe

Before we begin, let me ask you a question,

Do you really need to market your WordPress product?

Well, consider this.

When it comes to WordPress products, the target audience is huge.

75 million websites. 23 billion pageviews per month.

These numbers are both encouraging and intimidating. As you can see, the potential is huge, but so is the competition. With around 55000 WordPress plugins listed on wordpress.org repository, it’s difficult to not get outperformed by competitors.

Gone are the days when a customer will stick with one brand forever. Give a customer a better product and there will be a shift.

So, to stand out in the crowd and maintain your brand loyalty, you need to have various marketing strategies in place to make your WordPress product get visibility. But more often than not, just having marketing strategies isn’t enough; you need to be both effective and creative with these strategies.

How? Look at it this way.

A customer buying your product isn’t the end of your efforts, it is rather the beginning.

If you are letting a customer go (not communicating further) after the purchase is made, then it’s a big loophole in terms of marketing basics.

Every purchase is an opportunity for you.

  • You can request feedback from a customer to improve your product.
  • You can send information to your customers regarding product updates, offers and discounts on other products you offer, etc. Customers can hence be sure that you care for them.
  • You can offer various deals for upgrading to let’s say a PRO version or for renewing the license.
  • You have an opportunity of converting a first-time buyer to a repeat buyer, and a repeat buyer to a loyalist and subsequently an advocate.
  • A satisfied customer with high loyalty will act as a free advertising unit for you as he or she will spread the positive word about your product.

All this requires dedicated marketing techniques that combine the business principles, consumer psychology, the power of marketing channels, and quality content to support a campaign.

Also, you cannot be limited to only one platform for showcasing your products. Explore options. There needs to be a continuous evolution of your marketing strategies to ensure growth and revenue. You should widen your audience and make your product reach more people, as this will result in a direct increase in revenue, if your positioning and targeting are on point.

What? Sounds too overwhelming? Alright. Let’s take this one step at a time.

3 Awesome Marketing Strategies to Sell Your WordPress Products

Awesome Marketing Strategies to Sell Your WordPress Products 

#1 Using The Freemium Model

The plugins page on wordpress.org is home to most of the free plugins for WordPress, with around 55,000 plugins listed. It is the go-to resource for any new WordPress user, whenever he/she needs a plugin. This guarantees exposure. The Freemium Model capitalizes on this exposure to build a niche audience for the core functionality.

In simple terms, the Freemium Model is an online business model where some basic functionalities are provided for free and for all the features a full version is available to buy.

This is the most common marketing strategy used in WordPress. The free version is made available on wordpress.org Plugin Store. After using the free version, customers become interested in buying the full version as they are able to realise the importance of the PRO features for their websites. Hello, popularity!

#2 Selling through a popular online store

Opting to sell your WordPress products through an aggregator store is a popular choice for all scales of businesses. The immediate advantage is that your product is put out to a vast number of regular visitors. You can make the most out of the offers and deals on the stores to boost your sales.

Using a marketing platform frees you from conducting the marketing activities yourself. Once your product is registered on the store, you can sit back and rely on the customer base of the store. You can capitalize on the marketing activities of the online store, for example, an email strategy to offer great deals to customers.

There is not a lot of effort required in maintaining your product page at a store either. You just have to monitor the sales and the user comments using which you can work on re-positioning your product.

If you believe in your product and its usefulness, having your product listed at a reliable marketing platform can do wonders for the sales.

#3 Marketing your Product from your own site

You can start using your own product site to market your products. This, however, requires a good understanding of marketing basics and accurate execution.

If you are a developer or a small team of developers, setting up your own website for marketing your product will require quite a few areas to give attention to-

  1. A digital marketer in the team is a must-have requirement. The marketer will be able to manage all the marketing activities like email marketing, social media management, on-website promotional activities, affiliate partnerships, etc.
  2. It’s important to have a digital marketing strategy in place right from the beginning. This will help you set the most relevant KPIs and a detailed strategy on how to achieve the desired results.
  3. User experience and website design are crucial elements required to attract and retain users. You can either approach a freelancer designer or have a full-time UX/UX designer on board. Having a designer in the team will also assist you with email designs, social media graphics, etc.
  4. A blog is a big assist in elevating your website in terms of traffic. A blog can help you establish trust and credibility in users’ minds. Instead of thinking of a freelancer, a better approach is to have a full-time content writer. This is because the content writer will be able to understand the business and activities better. Another advantage is that a content writer will be able to help you in other requirements of content like in email marketing, social media marketing, etc.
  5. There are 3.03 billion active social media users spending 116 minutes a day on the platforms on an average. Social media has become a mainstream advertising medium with 60 million active business pages on Facebook. To increase the marketing reach, get your social media handles ready. Make your handles engaging. Start advertising on social media with appropriate budgets and campaign objective.
  6. Measurement is everything. Set up an analytics tool to track the audience coming on your website. You will be able to track the buying journey of your audience and analyse the behaviour of the users on the website to improve the website. You can also track your the impact of campaigns on the website traffic.
  7. Influencers and popular information (news and opinions) platforms are absolutely fantastic in helping readers with their buying decisions. Partnering with influencers and industry-focused online media platforms (and getting your product-related content posted) will increase the reach of your content and the product.
  8. Customer retention and lifecycle management are crucial to getting your customers buying again. Think of strategies of how you can increase your mailing lists so that you can use email marketing to reach out to your customers for announcing updates, offers or for getting feedback. But make sure you use the channel judiciously and not irritate the customers with pushy emails.

Marketing is an infinite ocean. You will have to deep dive with your team to discover the pearls of engagement and customer loyalty. If you want to explore marketing for WordPress plugins, here are some extra tips to help you out.

These are some basic strategies for promoting your own plugin. However, there can be some limitations while implementing these. Let’s discuss them now.

Limitations of Marketing Strategies

1. Low conversion rates with the Freemium Model

drop in sales

As mentioned before, wordpress.org has 54,992 plugins currently (at the time this article is written). That means, you’ll have to make sure a potential customer is able to first reach your product in the store. This can happen through recommendations or through some article that has listed your product as a useful one. However, it’s not difficult for your product to get lost in the clutter of the plugins.

Secondly, a lot of users try out different free plugins before deciding the best one for their functionality. So, even if a potential customer has your free plugin downloaded, the buying cycle for the premium version can be really long.

If your plugin is good, you can anticipate good reviews and that will be one parameter based on which customers will judge your product. But, generally speaking, it’s difficult to stand out in the heap of products and still able to nudge a lead into buying the full version.

2. The Clutter of Products at Marketplaces

The existing WordPress marketplaces accept practically any and every plugin coming their way. There are some featured plugins and other useful lists like the top 10 plugins of the month, but let’s be clear on this, it’s not easy to get there. What is left is a big clutter of WordPress plugins and themes.

This leads to too many choices, which makes customers anxious. It’s difficult to get everything right and there is stiff competition to reach the limelight.

Customers can find dozens of plugins for the same functionality and not all of them will be analyzed thoroughly. Virality is a big advantage, but it’s not easy to attain.

3. Marketing from your own Website takes up a lot of your development time

We talked about setting up the basics if you want to market the products yourself. Roping in more team members will naturally add to the expenditures. If you are strictly restricted to development, then it will be difficult to train the marketing team and also to keep a track of the training.

UI/UX development, content writing and visuals for social media/emails will require freelancing or full-time employees, both taking your expenses higher.

The tricky part is just having a team will not be good enough. The marketing team will have to be on their toes, utilizing the budgets in the most optimum manner. The team has to be creative and efficient to stand apart from competitors. Most importantly, they need to understand your vision perfectly and be completely in sync with your thoughts to ensure that the company branding is consistent.

4.  Inconsistent Ratings across Marketplaces

Quite often, the ratings of the products on marketplaces aren’t a real indicator. A product might have a good rating on one marketplace whereas it can be rated as an average product on some other marketplace. This is unlike ratings of a physical product where for example, a GoPro has great ratings no matter from where you are buying.

On some marketplaces, you can even see a lot of products having a 4.8+ rating. How will a user be able to pick a good plugin when every other plugin is rated as good, in fact, very good? This affects the popularity of your plugin if, unfortunately, your product isn’t in the ‘best plugins zone’.

5. Competition with Markets of Nulled Plugins

Nulled plugins can have extremely dangerous effects on your website and data. Unfortunately, not all users are aware of this. The marketplaces where forked plugins are sold at very nominal prices have taken advantage of this and these websites rank atop a lot of original product’s websites, which means your original product can be overshadowed by your own product’s nulled version.

Marketing done right, with on-point segmentation, targeting, and positioning, can help you counter this unavoidable competition. Also, it’s time to come forward and join initiatives that focus on spreading awareness against the use of nulled plugins.

A Need for Something NEW

Having seen these challenges, we see that there has to be an edge to how you are marketing your product. Some out-of-the-box thinking is surely required. You’ve got to work out newer and more effective ways to promote your plugin.

Having figured out these challenges holding quality plugins back, we decided to come up with Epitrove – the only store that focuses on marketing when it comes to selling WordPress plugins and themes.

Introducing Epitrove – Your Own Marketing Platform

Epitrove is our effort to ease out the lives of both users and sellers like yourself.

A platform built on trust that makes the search for quality WordPress products easier.

A platform inspiring loyalty to help all enterprising product developers grow.

A platform where together, we preserve the spirit of WordPress.

That’s Epitrove.

Epitrove stands for authentic, trustworthy, and reliable selling of useful plugins. It is meant to simplify the long buying cycles of the customers and provide quality WordPress plugins reach the audience they deserve.

Now you’re probably thinking – so Epitrove is a marketplace?

Well, yes. But it is so much more than that.

Epitrove is built on the following principles to create a holistic ecosystem for all the stakeholders of WordPress.

  • Curation

Epitrove houses only the most useful and relevant product such that users get a simplified list of options. Epitrove has a dedicated ‘Curation Team’ that works on maintaining the quality and usability of the collection. A set of guidelines drive the process to pick the plugins that will add value to our customers.

  • Authenticity

Epitrove’s streamlined selection procedure is backed with strict guidelines to detect and reject the products that are not authentic. A customer will never have to worry if a plugin is an authentic one. Epitrove installs trust in customers which in turn, increases trust in you.

  • Responsive Support

We have designed our support system to minimise the time taken to answer a query or solve a problem. This ensures customers are always satisfied throughout their post-buying phase.

  • Transparency

Remember those not-so-consistent rating systems followed by current marketplaces? Well, bucking that trend, Epitrove brings out the true picture by showing the exact ratings and number of downloads. This helps you quickly stand out in an already streamlined process. Time to end the struggle with the clutter!

With these benefits, Epitrove is instrumental in building long-lasting relationships with customers, directly helping your product.

As a marketing platform, Epitrove markets the free version of the plugin and the premium version both at one place. It nurtures the customers who download the free version of your plugin, informing them about the benefits of the premium version and thereby boosting your premium product sales. This helps your product reach an untapped audience and penetrate deeper into the market.

In addition, Epitrove gives you the opportunity to benefit greatly from the intelligently-crafted marketing strategies such as:

  • Regular email marketing campaigns designed to engage customers and to inspire them to shop more
  • Beautiful shopping pages that showcase your product in the most engaging way
  • On-website campaigns using visually beautiful graphics and push notifications
  • Quick rectification of common buying problems like incomplete purchases, refunds, etc.
  • Extensive and effective Social Media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
  • Other creative advertising campaigns through Google Ads and Youtube Ads
  • Search Engine Optimised Content that helps your product rank up in the search engine results
  • A useful and insightful Blog that backs the products
  • Best utilisation of our incredibly powerful Affiliate network  

Epitrove provides you with a meaningful opportunity to extend the marketing activities of your product and create unprecedented exposure and value for your products. With a purely customer-focussed approach, Epitrove also transforms the shopping process for buyers, making it a highly simplified and user-friendly one.

And the platform is just starting out. To get you started, Epitrove is offering preferential benefits for the first 100 products. This includes assistance with content and media for the shopping page, in-depth articles covering your product and much more!


Amidst the heavy competition in the WordPress sphere, marketing is like oxygen. You need to find creative ways to market your products while keeping a sharp eye on marketing budgets.

Marketing can be tricky, especially when you are taking the first step in the field. In that case, collaborating with an effective marketing platform, like Epitrove, will give you added advantage in much lesser efforts.

Epitrove is a highly user-centric platform that intends to create maximum value for customers. An experienced marketing team is the powerhouse of Epitrove, creating top-notch opportunities for sellers through creative campaigns. Great footfall on the platform and best utilisation of the channels available are some of the ways in which Epitrove plans to bring wider exposure to the products on the platform.

Having said that, marketing is a continuous process, requiring relentless efforts and a lot of creativity. If you truly believe in your product and feel that it can create value in the lives of the customers, then it’s time you shift into high marketing gear and put the word out through multiple ways. What say? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

About the Author:
Sagar is a Digital Marketer. When he's not working he is either vrooming around the city or watching Sci-fi flicks at home.

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