Quick read: 4 methods for improving webinar conversions.

Post written by Norah Abraham
On Monday, November 20th, 2017

Here are 4 quick methods to help boost your webinar’s conversion rates.

#1: Interviewing others with experience

If your brand hasn’t developed a reputable and recognizable name yet, it’s a good idea to obtain some authorities to present during your broadcast. This adds significant value and credibility to your webinar.

Wherever industry experts are set to speak, consumers are often willing to shell out top dollar for their treasured knowledge. These folks have already accomplished what your audience seeks to do.

#2: Give something away

For your webinar to be capable of driving conversions, you need attendants.

For every webinar, there are going to be a certain number of signups who fail to attend. The most common reason for the absence is that your webinar simply wasn’t valuable enough.

To help prevent this, offering some sort of bonus for those who stick around to the end can be quite effective. This could be a checklist, a template, an eBook, or other giveaway related to the webinar’s core content.

#3: Pick a hashtag

Live webinars are all about engagement. If your audience isn’t engaged, they’re definitely not going to convert.

To help create buzz and hype up your event, create a hashtag for the broadcast and promote it through your webinar emails and on the landing page to build community engagement before the webinar starts.

#4: Go evergreen

Even though you are promoting your webinar to take place on a specific time and date, that doesn’t mean the broadcast can’t be leveraged again and again.

To get the most inbound value, plan ahead to create an evergreen webinar.

About the Author:
Norah Abraham has been a freelance writer since 2005. She attended the University of Boston and graduated with a Bachelor in English Literature. She loves public speaking and motivates people in her own comic style. She loves gadgets and techie stuffs. In her career, she has written dozens of Press Releases, Articles, and Essays.

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