Roll-Your-Own SEO Toolbar: 6 Extremely Useful Search Engine Optimization Bookmarklets

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On Thursday, May 10th, 2012

It seems like SEO and browser toolbars go together like Matt Cutts and his kitty cat.

I don’t know how I would do SEO (effectively) without one of the many different SEO toolbars available. For all the valuable information from all the different toolbars you can choose from, sometimes they don’t provide all the information I would like to see about a website. However, I don’t want to create yet another SEO toolbar- my screen size is already crowded by the half-dozen toolbars I am already using, I don’t have room for any more!

My solution: roll-your-own SEO toolbar. Using bookmarklets- brief statements of javascript code that can be accessed from the bookmark menu of your browser- you can get even more useful information to make your SEO efforts even more productive. The best part is: all you only need to add the items that are useful to you.

Drag the hyperlinked bookmarks (below) from this post straight into your browser’s bookmarks. These all work with Firefox and might work with IE or Chrome or Safari but I haven’t checked. I know I might be the last SEO not to be using Chrome but I don’t want Google to have access to ALL the information about my browsing history.

Search this domain Bookmarklet

See Bottom of Post to Grab the Bookmarklet!

When you click on this bookmarklet a search box will popup. The bookmarklet will do a Google “site:” search for any term you provide in a search box. I use this to:

  • Investigate how much of my content has been indexed by Google
  • Evaluate a place for a potential link (such as a directory or a blog)
    • Are the interior pages of this site being indexed?
    • Does this website mention a particular topic that is relevant to the destination website?
    • Is there a good place for you to build an internal link on your website?
    • Is there anything being indexed by Google that you don’t want them to find?

Google Cache Bookmarklet

See Bottom of Post to Grab the Bookmarklet!

When you click on this bookmarklet you will see Google’s latest cached version of the webpage you are viewing. This is helpful in answering these questions:

  • How does Google read this webpage (especially when you view the “text version” of the page)?
  • When the last time Google was here- was it ever?
    • Is Google getting to to page?
    • If I put a link on this page, will Google even find it?

All in Anchor Bookmarklet

See Bottom of Post to Grab the Bookmarklet!

When you click on this bookmarklet a search box pops up. When you enter a word this does an “allinanchor:” search of Google for that word.  This is useful to know:

  • If we didn’t consider on-page optimization, how would pages for this particular keyword rank?
  • Do I need more links or on-page optimization to rank for this keyword?

Ad Preview Tool Bookmarklet

See Bottom of Post to Grab the Bookmarklet!

This bookmarklet asks for a keyword and preforms a search using Google’s “Ad Preview Tool.” Although designed for seeing how a PPC ad is being displayed, for natural search I use this bookmarklet to understand:

  • How does my site appear in the SERPS- are my meta description and title tag attractive to potential visitors?
  • How does my site rank for this keyword- with less personalization for ranking. I say “less” but personalization is not completely removed: it still will pull localized results based on your IP address (unless you override this) and still knows if you are logged in to Google or not.

Show Similar Pages Bookmarklet

See Bottom of Post to Grab the Bookmarklet!

When you use this bookmarklet it will do a “related:” search of Google for this particular URL. I use this to find out:

  • Who does Google consider my competitors? This is useful to know:
    • Who to compare my search rankings against.
    • Who to do a backlink profile search for potential links for my website as well.
    • What does Google think my website is about?
      • Are there any websites that come up? If not, Google might not completely understand what my site is about.
      • Are the sites actually similar to my site’s topic or not? If not, perhaps I need to be more clear in how I describe my products or services. /seo Bookmarklet

See Bottom of Post to Grab the Bookmarklet!

This bookmarklet asks the blekko search engine what data it has about my website (or another website) including:

  • What backlinks are pointing to this site? (This is a good replacement to Yahoo! Site Explorer)
  • Are there any duplicate content issues?
  • What pages are “most important” on this website?
  • What other websites are hosted on this same server?
  • And much more!

Grab the Bookmarklets!

Drag and drop these links into your browsers toolbar to use them. Internet Explorer folks will have to create a new bookmark and copy and paste the link in, or get a real browser like Firefox or Chrome =)

This was a guest post written by my good friend David Zimmerman.

David Zimmerman is a professional SEO by day, web developer by night and a gardener by weekends. His latest project is SEO Risk, a community to discuss SEO tactics from a risk-tolerance perspective, rather than the pejorative black/white hat labels.

About the Author:
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