Few Samples of Stunning Modern Web Designs

Post written by Steven Bowen
On Friday, November 25th, 2016

Want to stand out in the business? An eye catchy web design is must for you. This will grab engaged traffic and elevated sales in your business. Practically, the web design patterns are changing so frequently and to be updated with each change is the necessity to survive. The best practice is to follow the latest web design trends running in the market and embed them in your business website to take out the best from it.

The tough task here is to be compatible with this fast growing era and to know what your niche competitors are doing. Absorbing the good is always appreciated as it is the boosting factor for a profitable business.

Below are the name of few of the firms which have used incredible designs in their business website to set them apart from the general crowd.


Another adorable design where creativity is at par in every element. Well described images, dazzling graphics and attractive header and footer ensures a website to be good looking and lively enough. Here, all the relevant data has been conveyed in a decent manner to the site visitor.


Sparx IT Solutions

This web design & development company uses an amazing website design where a pretty and illustrative storytelling based layout has been utilized. This layout gives an ease to keenly explain each and every minor detail of the existing element. Vertical scrolling is another useful concept embedded for the ease of mobile users so that they can access the website with the smart phones.

Sparx IT Solutions

Skinny Ties

The responsive design pattern is followed here to give a fast loading and streamlined website for both desktop and mobile users. Enhanced user experience is gained with the alluring design of this commerce store.



The design used in CSSChopper has its own beauty in amazing User interface (UI) design to deliver a fully optimized user experience. Every element used in the design has been deployed in perfect manner to make it utterly compatible for the end-user. Content, navigation menu, header & footer and even background color, almost everything is in sync for smooth visibility and relaxing feel for the visitors.



This website design has incredible features including bold colors and animation for attractive feel, parallax scrolling for amazing user comfort and simple navigation that can be expanded with multiple results. A scroll button is also available which allows to switch the users to the case studies section.



BetterGraph is another name with the brilliant layout so that the users engaged can easily explore all the content with utmost ease. Visitors are allowed with every bit of information related to the business. Superb attributes have been placed from header content to footer to make it beautiful. Menu option is amazingly structured for easy and quick navigation.



The design used in AppsChopper follows the semi flat design to display the workflow and services of the company. While the footer uses large-sized typography for the content, story telling layouts with vertical scrolling is advantageous for the mobile users. Additionally, background image are fast to load while the fixed navigation menu allows visitors to explore several pages easily.



This website is a great example of responsive design knowing the cruciality of a website to have an attractive look and feel. Targeted traffic is obvious in this design as the mobile version adjusts automatically to the screen size and resolution of the specific device.



An amazing use of typography concept in this website is meant for theme and plugin development company. While a perfect typography ensures a strong representation of the website content, the footer with animated background image is stunning. A perfect combo of art and data.



Bold typography across the website with an attractive footer content, in the end, fills the website of inkyROBO attractively. Attractive text showcased in bold heading makes it easily noticeable for the visitors. Limited colors use scheme is also one of the elements that has been used perfectly by this website in the most professional way.


Wrapping Up

Being uncommon and creative is actually the key to success when you are living in the web world which is ever changing. The main logic behind every new and modern web design is to serve something better, unique and improved in order to make a website user’s favorite. This blog has been written to prevent you from the dilemma about which web design pattern to follow for your business. Explore the below list, hold for a while and analyze what you can add in your design to dazzle your business.

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