Save at least 3 hours a week by using WP Feedback to Communicate with Clients

Post written by Jehrome Griffiths
On Monday, July 1st, 2019

What if I said you could save 3 hours a week by adding a simple plugin to your workflow? AND it’ll improve your relationship with clients and reduce friction…

Sounds sweet right?

There are so many different platforms out there to communicate with clients, which ones are purely dedicated to saving you time though?

WP Feedback is a brand new plugin that enables you and your clients’ to communicate visually, directly on your client’s website. You don’t have to add another login to your already long list and your client’s don’t have to sign up to a seperate platform.

The plugin is integrated completely into WordPress, making it the central hub for all communications with your client. In this article, we are going to give an overview of WP Feedback and how it can save you time.

So, what does communicating visually mean?

When you need feedback from a client, how do you go about it? In my experience, you most likely do it through email and screenshots. This can get messy, especially when your client requests changes and they’re in several emails.

Speaking with the guys from WP Feedback, the above screenshot is their ticketing system. This is an example of a client asking for changes after a request for feedback. There are 8 separate emails within an hour. I’m sure you’ve experienced the same thing…

This can result in requests slipping through the cracks, or you have to be vigilant and put them into a spreadsheet or list of your own, creating more work and wasting your time.

When using WP Feedback, the difference is apparent from the get-go. Instead of your client having to go through their website and send an email for every request change they have, they simply enter what is called ‘Comment Mode’ on their live website.

This enables them to simply click where they would like a change (the plugin highlights the divs of the page, making it easy for your client to place requests accurately) and comment. This cuts out them having to email you and you having to look where they are talking about.

You can see the location of exactly where the request is, the plugin even gives you technical information about their browser and screen resolution.

In the long run

Getting content, design approval and providing support: these are the three overall tasks of any website project. At each of these stages, your client needs to learn different ways of communicating with you to get these tasks done.

With WP Feedback, these 3 tasks are no longer separate entities, it brings them all together for both you and your client. As soon as your client has learned how to communicate with you using the plugin, they know everything they need to know for each step of the process.

Do you need content? Put a task directly where you need it and your client can see what you need and how long it should be.

Your new design needs approval? Your client can comment specifically on their live website and let you know visually, any changes they want.

Your client is having some issues and needs help? They can simply comment on the problem while the plugin provides you with the technical information you would otherwise have to ask for.

Not only is this saving you time, it will improve your relationship with your client’s. No longer will their lack of knowledge be a hindrance on how you communicate when it comes to their website, the plugin empowers them to be accurate and detailed without them having to try.

In the long run, this will make it easier for you to justify that monthly care plan you are trying to sell to them and your clients will be more inclined to recommend you to their networks.

You can give the plugin a try on their demo site:

They’ve even included demo pages for the most popular page builders on the market.

Check out their pricing options and buy here:

Are you considering adding WP Feedback to your workflow? Do you think it could make a difference to your client communications? Let us know in the comments.

About the Author:
Jehrome is project & content manager for WP Feedback. When he's not writing about the plugin, he's playing Monster Hunter and binge watching TV shows he's already seen 20 times.

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