SEO Trends for 2020

Post written by Simon Dwight Keller
On Monday, November 11th, 2019

Keeping up with all of the current SEO trends can be overwhelming. Google and other search engines change their algorithms quite often, outdating everything you know overnight.

Still, there is no way around it. To rank well and appear on the first results’ page, you have to learn and adapt fast if you don’t want to lose to your competitors.

With so much conflicting information online, how do you filter out what’s essential? 

To answer this question, we put together both the latest and most relevant SEO trends out there.

Create Compelling Content

High-quality content is the key to your SEO success. To provide meaningful information, you have to know your visitors well – something you can learn from your Google Analytics’ data. 

Yes, it can be tricky to create engaging content, but the key is to start writing and then improve it later. Remember, your first draft will never be the best one. 

Once you know what you are talking about, put yourself in your readers’ shoes, and re-write your post or page in a way that is relevant to them.

Don’t forget, content isn’t only about writing articles. Your visitors might prefer videos, podcasts, or infographics. You can also have several versions of the same content, adapted in forms of media.

Prepare for Voice Search

It’s taken a bit longer than expected for the voice search function to become a common thing. However, search engines continue to invest millions on their voice assistants so they can answer questions quickly and more precisely. 

Because of that, your website or blog needs to be fine-tuned in such a way that Amazon Echo, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and others can interpret. In simple terms, your content should be suited to be read aloud by a machine. 

You will do this by mimicking speech in your writing, keeping it short and straight to the point. That’s because it would take some time for voice assistants to be able to understand more complicated content.

Optimize for Local SEO

Many businesses are already noticing the benefit of optimizing their websites for local SEO and not only because this is another Google’s SEO guideline

Consider your own searches for a minute. How often do you type something like “pizza near me” or “barber park avenue”?

Whatever the reason is, we want a solution that’s located close to us. Time is precious, and we to save it as much as possible. So the idea here is to prepare your website to be the answer to this type of search.

  • Add a location page to your website
  • Create local content. For example, articles with photos about your role in the community
  • Provide opening hours and a contacts list
  • Title tags and meta descriptions should mention where you are based

This type of content will increase your chances of being featured first when someone searches for a similar business in your area.

Watch Your Technical SEO

Even though “content is king,” that doesn’t mean you should forget your technical SEO. Search engines still rely on algorithms to determine your ranking, and some of the information they need to make this decision can only be provided through technical SEO.

For instance, your XML sitemap should be perfect and within Google guidelines. Your loading speed must be optimal, and you want your SSL certificates in place. 

It’s also crucial that your pages are mobile-friendly. Nowadays, most people do their searches using smartphones and tablets, and therefore, search engines prioritize information that is more suited to smaller screens.

Try to Get Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are hated and loved by online businesses. Known as position zero, they are a great way to bypass competitors and get in front of the first page of search results. 

On the other hand, they can give away too much information. After reading them, your target audience might be satisfied and not click on your link. 

Despite that downside, you might not have any other choice. If you don’t fight for a featured snippet, your competitor might take your place. 

Your chances of getting a featured snippet will increase once your articles directly answer search queries. Google Search also seems to favor information from bullet points, tables, or other types of checklists.

Improve User Experience

Another element that impacts your SEO results is user experience. Some websites are great at attracting a specific audience. However, some of those visitors might not look through the site at all. This behavior is measured by what is called the bounce rate, and it harms your ranking. 

Here are some guidelines to help you along:

  • Website pages and posts must be easy to read
  • Menus must be helpful, not overcrowded, but not merely decorative too
  • Make sure your website is optimized to any device
  • Your design should be useful and match the taste of your audience

Work on Your Authority

Lastly, work on your authority. To rank well, you need to be seen as a reliable source of information, products, or services. Many websites have suffered in recent Google algorithm updates for failing to demonstrate they can be trusted. 

One way to achieve this is by investing in link building. The higher the number of trusted sites pointing to your posts, the better it is for you. Additionally, you can also work on:

  • Strengthening your branding
  • Keeping your About Us page up-to-date, having consistent information about who you are
  • Making it clear where you are based, even if your business is 100% online

Is Following SEO Trends Really Worth It?

Following SEO trends can be time-consuming while managing a business at the same time.

Every now and then, the best decision is to outsource your SEO management. Sometimes, small changes in SEO can make all the difference.

Still, focusing only on SEO might bring you little return. Maybe most of your clients come to you from paid advertising or referrals. If that’s the case, you mustn’t forget to concentrate on your online visibility regardless. You never know how or when your customers’ behavior will change, because someday it will.

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About the Author:
I am a digital marketing entrepreneur eager to drive tons of traffic to your website with creative and compelling content.  After three years of hard work as a freelancer, I decided to take up my services to the next level,  I co-founded a digital marketing company PRable. Eventually I felt that in order to achieve more, I had to start my own company – SDK Marketing. With my small albeit professional team I am ready to take on new challenges, increase your traffic and drive more revenue. Besides my burning passion for SEO,  I am interested in ice hockey and traveling.

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