8 social media marketing mistakes you need to avoid in 2017

Post written by Shahid Abbasi
On Thursday, December 29th, 2016

Back then in time, Social Media started as a medium of interaction for social animals. However, the flow soon made it an unmatched tool for marketing. For the year 2014, investments in social media marketing strategy globally amounted to the US $ 16 Billion, and the same is expected to double and touch the mark of US $ 31 Billion by the end of 2016.

Why you need to read this further and learn

For the year 2015, US alone made investments of over $ 9.4 Billion, and believe me the figures are nowhere looking back.

Talking about the active users on various social networks, a recently released report claims Facebook to be the leader with 1,712 Million users, while Instagram and Twitter bag 500 and 313 million users respectively.

Proven Benefits

In January 2016, a survey was organized, in which the marketers shared the benefits their business got by implementing the social media marketing strategy. It includes:

  • Exposure increased by 89%
  • 75% increase in Traffic
  • 66% generated leads
  • 51% improvement in sales
  • Marketing expenses reduced by 50%
  • 68% loyal fans developed
  • Search ranking improved by 58%

However, the results are not same for everyone. We can’t ignore the other side of the coin that has business houses who failed to achieve the same results.

It has been noticed that many startups (and even established houses) either fail to mark their public entity remarkably and eventually losing the true essence of the same.

It’s said, “Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.”

Now that the year 2016 is just about to leave, and we are about to step in 2017, I thought sharing some social media marketing mistakes that one needs to avoid in 2017. Let’s begin to scroll and learn:

1. No Long term strategy

Landing in the social media platforms without a detailed strategy is very much like going in an ocean without a compass. Without any firm strategy for the content/editorial, user engagement, social listening, customer service, and measurement, the platform might end up taking you nowhere.

Instead, You can focus on having the real ‘S.M.A.R.T’ work. This implies

Be Specific and Measurable
Set Attainable Goals
Post Relevant content
Adhering to Time

2. Having Many Accounts

Having accounts on various social sites to direct them to the same website very much relates to the saying, ‘Jack of all, master of none’. Every social site has its unique way of marketing and reaching the target audience, and while mastering them all, you might probably fail to get the grab on any of them.

Instead, you can simply concentrate on one site and aim your audience with quality content. The logic is; instead of putting the efforts in different directions, the same can be utilized to fetch output from the single social network.

3. Insufficient interaction

The social media platforms might be becoming the one stop marketing destination for the corporates, but they are crowded by ‘social animals’ only. It has been seen that businesses often create social profiles but neither they reply to messages and nor they interact with people through comments. This ‘time-saving’ strategy can backfire and pull you back to where you started.

Instead, you need to reply back to the queries, compliments, and feedbacks you receive on these platforms. With this, you can win the hearts of not only your subscribers but also other in their contact. Always remember, these platforms are your best way to interact with your customers/probable customers.

4. Fake followers

These might increase numbers on your profile but you won’t be able to have traffic worth generating leads and improving sales. With them, you won’t have virtual support and this will eventually weaken your basis of social existence.

Instead, you can improve your activities, and have a little patience to gain the network of real people. This might take time but will undoubtedly yield fruitful results for your organization.

5. Believing yesterday to be today

What worked yesterday won’t necessarily play the same role today. It’s just like chess; you can’t follow the same pattern of moves everytime you play.

Instead, you need to cover certain sections so as to keep the problems arising from early and late participation in any strategy. Understand your target audience, establish your goals, define the measurement scale, and stay flexible.

6. Not being sensitive

Being responsive and real-time while being on social media is indeed very important, but at the same time, you also need to stop and think about the topic you are participating. Here is an example to same:

At the time of 2013 bombings in Boston, Epicurious tried to bag some extra cash in this way.

Being part of people is important and giving condolences and extending a helping hand is even better, but doing marketing and trying to earn cash with it isn’t a good idea.

Instead, you can share condolence at such moments, and allow the victims to share grieves. Do some charity, and if you can’t, kindly let it be. It’s good to be silent than to spread garbage through words.

7. Using excessive hashtags

This often happens when you know ‘hashtags helps in reaching people and improving visibility’. We all know, ‘no knowledge is better than half knowledge’. With this half-knowledge, people often end up using series of hashtags with their post, leaving behind spammed followers.

Instead, you need to use only relevant and sensible hashtags with your post. Hashtags are a good medium to reach people, only if it is used in right manner and quantity.

8. Being Odd, not Unique

The last one in this list is pretty common. Folks, you need to understand the difference between being odd and being unique. In order to stand apart in the crowd (market), many marketers end up presenting themselves odd enough to be in the market.

Instead develop creative ideas and the executions which mesmerize and attract people, not detract them considering you the ‘odd one’, or something not of their interest.


These were the top 8 social media marketing strategy mistakes that you need to avoid in 2017. Always remember the difference between, ‘standing apart in crowd’ and ‘standing apart from crowd’.

About the Author:
Shahid Abbasi is a content developer with Peerbits, one of the top iOS app development companies. Shahid likes to keep busy with his team and to provide top-notch mobility solutions for enterprises and startups.

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