Specific Ways to Maximize Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Post written by Barbora Boskova
On Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

Specific Ways to Maximize Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Imagine having your most recent conversation in a library. How would it be different? Do you chat with your closest friend the same way you speak with your boss, your mom, your mechanic? Probably not; we’re constantly shifting our communication style to match our audience. 

When you’re creating content for your brand across digital media platforms, it’s just as important to consider context and audience. Customers approach your brand through multiple channels, and they expect a different style of communication on each. Give your company an edge by understanding the content type that works best for each channel, and execute a successful Omnichannel marketing strategy.

Is Creating Channel Specific Content worth the effort?

Creating fresh content takes capital, so it’s tempting to use that same content across multiple marketing channels. Are your customers going to care if you say the same thing on LinkedIn and Facebook? Will they even notice? 

But here’s the thing: contextual content isn’t about appearances. You don’t vary your content so your marketing looks better; you do it to make your marketing work better. 

To make a great first impression on new viewers, think of each channel as a touchpoint for them to interact with your brand. If you can master your communication style with each touchpoint, you’re more likely to convert new viewers into happy customers.

Strategic Communication Styles for Specific Channels

If you understand the subtleties of different communication channels you can create the most effective content to increase your customer lifetime value. Consider three key attributes of your main channels: 

  • Audience: Consider demographics, mindset, and creative strategy
  • Voice and Tone: Craft a specific style using certain descriptive words
  • Culture: What defines the spirit of this group? What are they looking for?

Now let’s delve into some specific channels using the lens of these metrics. 



Audience: Email marketing is still a solid go-to communication platform, especially for your 55-64 year old customers

Voice and Tone: Enthusiastic, conversational, informative, and upbeat

Culture: Here’s a great chance to convert. Grab attention with your subject line and make *ahem* an offer they can’t refuse. Here you have the space to present a well-crafted campaign with product links, sales announcements, and invitations for exclusives.

Your Effective Email will have:

  • A subject to stand out and catch your customer’s eye amid all the inbox cacophony 
  • Body text that is well-written and easy to digest
  • A reward. Offer something special such as a sale code–special treatment will lead to more engagement


Audience: With a 90% open rate, SMS messages in the US can be key for any marketing strategy. And, research shows that people actually prefer this channel for important messages.

Voice and Tone: Direct, time-sensitive, matter-of-fact, credible

Culture: Considerate, efficient, and economical. Use this platform to update customers and offer exclusives. Want to give a special treatment bonus? Offer SMS customer service. 

Your Effective SMS update will have:

  • A friendly tone. We’re used to getting texts from our friends
  • Fewer than 160 characters (and in one text only)
  • A shortened URL if you send a link, and only to mobile-optimized pages



Audience: This will be a wider range of people you’ve attracted to your site through other communication channels. Here is your chance to solidly present your brand and identity. 

Voice and Tone: Conversational, formal, authoritative, considerate, smart

Culture: People visit a site for myriad reasons and your visitors will be from a broad pool. Think about your story and your expertise, and then build your website as a navigable hub of information for your target audience. Draw visitors in using features like funnels, conversion opportunities, and high-quality content. 

Your Effective Website will have:

  • A defined audience. Craft your website content for your ideal buyer
  • Specific content for your ideal buyer at every stage of the customer journey
  • Personalized content based on targeted demographics and customer behaviours


Audience: If your brand had celebrity status, what would it’s Instagram posts look like? Your strategy for this unique channel should appeal mostly to 18 to 44 year olds looking for entertainment, connection, and an escape. Eye-catching posts with a strong personality work well here. 

Voice and Tone: Fun, casual, quirky, passionate, inspirational, upbeat, dazzling

Culture: Engage visitors with a behind-the-scenes tour, or a story that demonstrates your company’s commitment to your inspiring mission. Highlight philanthropic endeavours, lifestyle ideas, celebrations, and celebrities. 

Your Effective Instagram post will have:

  • An eye-catching image that tells a story by itself
  • An illuminating caption sharing a deeper meaning, paradigm shift, or just something funny
  • Community-building responses to those who engage with your post 


Audience: Your main audience here will be 18 to 29 years old, but the 30-49 demographic is also engaged on Twitter. They tweet for a response or a conversation. You’ll have more success here if you’re willing to engage one-on-one. 

Voice and Tone: Friendly, conversational, playful, amusing, informative, considerate

Culture: Engagement, back-and-forth, and humor. Users here are interested in a relationship or dialogue, and they want a response when they tweet (whether their tone is positive or negative). Reach out to them and you could start a lively conversation that may lead users back to your brand’s content. 

Your Effective Twitter post will have:

  • Brevity that alludes to a bigger story. Make them curious to know more
  • Relevant hashtags to broaden your reach and get your brand more involved
  • A photo or short video to capture attention; Twitter users move fast


Audience: Corporate executives, startup founders, and job seekers. The web’s ‘water cooler’ provides B2B content and connection for users mostly in the 30-49 year old range. 

Voice and Tone: Sharp, professional, respectful, informative, authentic 

Culture: Opportunity, connections, and reputation. Professionals here are looking for business-oriented content that will add value to their career. On this platform, gear your content toward the corporate segment of your target audience.

Your Effective LinkedIn post will have:

  • Business-oriented messages for a professional B2B audience
  • Links to downloadable content to help capture leads
  • Compelling copy


Audience: Though active Facebook users skew toward youngish adults, 68% of all social media users are on this platform. Even with Facebook marketing reach falling in recent years, targeted advertising and creative media can still make this a powerful channel for your brand. 

Voice and Tone: Casual, cheerful, nostalgic, amiable, cute

Culture: Memories, community, and entertainment. Users safeguard their photos and connect to their communities here. Your company can use Facebook’s ad platform to get relevant and timely content to target users.

Your Effective Facebook post will have:

  • Well-written captions that lead users to click on your link or watch your video
  • Targeted content that gets in front of the right eyeballs, based on Facebook’s ad platform 
  • A video – the most powerful way to boost brand awareness by up to 67% (make sure it’s optimized for mobile viewing)

Last Words…

Communicating in the appropriate style across multiple platforms can make your company seem less like a corporate entity and more like a person. This is the purpose of omnichannel orchestration: to connect you with your users in better, more authentic ways. We’d all like to feel like we’re spending our money with a company that cares about us. Reach out to your customers in ways that tell them they are seen and valued, and they will respond to your brand in kind.

About the Author:
Barbora is the SEO and Marketing Specialist contracted with Spotibo - SEO analyzer and Exponea - Customer Data Platform focusing on SEO consulting and project managing, technical and on-page auditing and link building.

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