The 5-Part Recipe For Getting More Eyeballs on Your Content

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On Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Producing great content nowadays is the key to having a great website. With the rise of different Google updates, especially Panda, Google now looks at a site’s content as the primary driving source for ranking in the SERPs. The problem is, no matter how compelling your content is, it wouldn’t be worth anything if you don’t do something after you post it: content promotion.

There are many ways to promote your content. The most popular are through social media networks: via Tweets, Facebook shares, Google +1s, and many other content sharing methods. But sometimes, these are not enough to make your content known.

There are more ways to promote your content:

1. Do an outreach to Linkers

A lot of people just Tweet or Re-tweet because friends told them to, blah blah, and mostly they move a bit and then get lost in the process. The real value of the content shines out whenever you contact possible Linkers out to them. notice that I use a capital L whenever I say “Linkers”?


From a post by link building expert Jason Acidre, regarding Linker Outreach

As to what Jason said, Linkers are those who personally take their time to add comments and other stuff to those content that they are sharing. Not just your average tweets, but they add some sort of value to the links they are sharing.


Clicking on your “Tweet” or “Share this” buttons sometimes isn’t enough. So how do you do reach out to possible Linkers? One way is to use Topsy’s tweet/link finder to search for people who shares similar content to yours.

  1. Look for content that is quite similar or related to the content you are planning to share.
  2. Go to and put that similar content on the search bar.
  3. Take a note of the people who shared that content and list them all.


  1. 4. Note also those influential people that tweeted that content, and make it a priority to contact those guys.


After getting your prospects done, time to craft your e-mail. Yes you heard it right, you need to e-mail them. The best possible way to connect and build relationships with your prospects is through personally sending an e-mail to them. Here’s a screenshot of a possible e-mail for Linker outreach: (this example is completely unrelated to that examples I mentioned above)


The important points are, you mention which content they promoted/owned that is related to your content. Also, just show it to them, don’t directly promote it. If they are true Linkers, they will see the value on your content and will automatically share them or direct them to someone to someone who could check it.

That’s a quick lesson on how to do Linker outreach. There are various sites to look for prospects as well, such as if you are interested, you can further get a read on this by checking out Jason Acidre’s comprehensive guide on Linker outreach.

2. Share comprehensive content to .edu sites

This is just like doing linker outreach, but you need to have a very linkable content asset as your main bullet. As link builders and SEOs, we all know the value of .edu sites. A link from a this type of website indicates that you are one step closer to being an authority on your industry, since even educational sites link to you.

If you have a very useful tool (for example, UPrinting’s business card design tool) or a complete educational tutorial as your content, and you think that students or educational instructors can use them as guides, then you can do an outreach to those .edu sites for possible link acquisition. Let’s take a look at the said tool by


The content on their design tool is easy for the eyes of normal people, and they offer ALOT of things which you can design on. These types of tools that are flexible and dynamic are what people want to use, and they are often linkable assets for the website.

Now that you have identified your linkable assets, you can craft an e-mail like this: (this example is completely unrelated to that tool I mentioned above)


And might be able to get replies like this:


The trick is, not to link to your homepage. Let them do that for you (if ever). Always show your guide/tool only, and nothing else. You can directly tell them to include your site on their resource page, if you are absolutely sure that your content is THAT compelling.

3. Link to your content via Comment Marketing

Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz made a post about comment marketing way back then, and how it can become a very powerful tool on link building and promotion. I still think it does work, if done the right way. Only I do it this way.

  1. I look for other posts that are related/similar to the content I want to promote.


  1. 2. I read the post thoroughly, and some other posts by the author as well, to know the level of wit and intelligence that I have to stand on in order for my comment to be accepted.
  2. 3. I put my real name on the “name” section on the comment form, and link out to the content I wanted to promote. Again, my content is related to this post that I am reading about.


If you really put your mind into commenting something very good, the author will usually get your comment live, and if ever, will reply to it as well.


Too bad I didn’t have any related content to put on this post at that time 🙁

Promoting your content via commenting on other’s posts give out many benefits. By doing this you:

  • Gain traffic.
  • Help build your brand as an authority to your industry by commenting on topics that are in your expertise zone.
  • Provide more insights on the topic by sharing substantial information to others.

4. Power up the “ego” on your ego-baits

Ever did a crowd-source post? Or a curated post where you list down several known sites/people/things/whatever into one article? What did you do about it?

Contacting the people on your post if they are mentioned on them can provide some extra boost on your content. By doing this, you not only get the attention of that authority figure you linked to, but if they somehow shared your content on their networks, you get an immediate traffic boost for your site. You may even be able to absorb some of their followers into your circle if the content you produce are really are really good.

Here’s a technique I used recently. Something that will include a chain of screenshots that are related this time, haha. I did a crowd-source with experts on content marketing and SEO once. I asked 2 questions for each of the person on that list.


After I got my replies, I posted just one of their answers first, and notified them that it was up. I also told them that there would be a part 2 somewhere, only, I didn’t tell them where.


Then I contacted an authority site, some site called ProBlogger (articles on their blog are totally awesome. If you haven’t heard of them, then it’s quite sad and it’s time for you to check them out). I pitched the article to them, got accepted, and got live. Note that the topic of this article is still one of the questions I pitched on my crowd-source list. Then I contacted them back.


See the reply? Not only did will that article get a mention on their blog, and I might possibly have a link opportunity on his/their site. (Right Tom? You are a great guy after all, hehe). There are also other replies that might prove good in the future, for my own brand.

There are tons of ways to push the ego on your baits. Telling a person that they are included in your post makes you sure that the specific guy you are talking about actually reads your post, and in turn, might return higher conversions in things like this.

5. BONUS STAGE: Make sure your content is really worth sharing

This applies to everything: your blog posts and the content on your pages, among other things. The thing is, everything that you put social buttons on must be worthy for people to click on the said buttons. Just take a look at this:


This is from a post that Wayne Barker of Boom-Online did about out-of-the-box-ideas for e-commerce content. If I were to be the customer of that site, I would definitely share this.

Optimizing your content will be your primary action before you do anything I’ve mentioned above. If you want to know how you can further optimize content to maximize potential promotion later on, you can read posts by these guys. They are much more better at explaining that I can be:

To wrap it up, there are many other ways to promote that just rely on tweets and shares (although they are very vital too!). Just think outside the box and experiment on what would work on your type of content. What other content promotion ways do you know?

About the Author: While not busy being a hardcore mmorp-gamer or currently trying to foil another Apocalypse threat, John Abrena works as a content strategist for SaleHoo, a wholesale supplier directory and E-bay product sourcing site. 

About the Author:
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