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Post written by Robert Morris
On Thursday, August 24th, 2017

We have a client that needs a logo to suit their fun image, but that also suggest that they offer a very high-quality service. We had a limited budget and yet we still wanted multiple options to help guide us in our decision. So naturally we started looking for what the internet had to offer in logo generation in 2017.  During our search we tried the logo generators listed below and even prepared some examples how how their design process works. Let’s take a look:

1 – Logojoy

The LogoJoy website allows you to create a selection of logos before you are asked to purchase one. You may try out their online tool a few times so that you may find the best logo for you. After trying their tool, you get to scroll through a short selection of possible logos. The images below show a step-by-step example of how Logojoy works.



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2 – Logo Genie

I have got to say, logogenie is one of the nicest ones yet. You may play with their tool when you visit their website. Their tool starts on their home page. Enter your company name and you are on your way to creating a logo for your company. They allow you to download your logo in four different file formats, and they have a blog that gives out free advice and tips for small businesses. The starter packages are pretty pricey, but it may be worth the money if you are really stuck and need a logo.


3 – Free Logo Services

The tool they allow you to use is of a very high quality. If you like your logo, then you have to buy it. The price is not terrible, but it is still rather high when you consider that a real designer was not involved in the process. The reason to try different tools is to try out a variety of different logo styles. It is fair to say that this tool has its own distinctive style. The software it uses is not based on another piece of software, such as how it is not based on a clip art program like many cheap logo markers are. It is worth giving this tool a try to see their style of logo and see if it fits your business.


4 – Logo Garden

If you don’t fancy LogoJoy, then Logo Garden may suit your needs. It offers plenty of different options as you play with the logo generating tool. You are able to pick your logo type by industry, and there are plenty of ways to alter your design and customize it. The biggest difference between this company and LogoJoy is that Logojoy does almost all the work for you, whereas this company encourages you to alter and adjust your logo to make it something different. Aside from their logo making tool, they also offer people the chance to hire a logo designer. Their logo designer prices are very high, so you should probably give the tools on this list a go before committing to paying somebody to create your logo for you.

5 – Logaster

The Logaster website is okay, but takes last place for honesty because its website is riddled with lies. For example, it claims that your logos are free, but it is only the logo tool that is free to use. The best you get is a tiny logo for free. If you want anything more than a tiny logo, and you will have to pay their high fees. In addition, their website has a ticker that shows how many logos are being created, but the ticker is set to a random increment generating piece of code on their website. The logos you are able to create with Logaster are rather good, but you will have to pay high fees for them.

6 – Logo Markr

The logos you are able to create with the Logo Makr tool are of a reasonably high quality, which is the reason it found its way into this article. However, the tool tricks you into spending a lot of time with it. The website doesn’t feature selling points, it puts you straight into their designer. After an hour of creating your logo, you finally get it right and they ask you to pay for it. You feel a little cheated because you just spent a long time creating a great logo and now they want you to pay for it. They could have mentioned that in the first place and they could have given a price list right away.

7 – WithOomph.com

The Without Oomph website and logo tool is what happens when an intermediate web designer teams up with an intermediate programmer. The tool isn’t bad, it is streamlined, it is fast, and it makes logo creation very easy. The only problem is the price because these people are not willing to give anything away for free. Still, you may enjoy their logo style. It may be the tool you have been looking for.

8 – Graphic Springs

The Graphic Springs tool allows you to create a logo and then pay for the one you like the best. The tool doesn’t offer you very many customization tools, which means your logo may look a little generic. Nevertheless, it is a very quick tool that allows you to create a logo in just a minute. You can keep using the tool until you find a logo that you like.


9 – Logo Design

The Logo Design tool is truly a brilliant tool and it is completely free. The only downside is that it is tool on a very old website, and it has mostly been abandoned by its developers. The tool hasn’t received an update in years, which makes it feel like you are using a tool from the ancient past. The GUI is nasty looking, and the tools are not optimized for modern technology. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a free tool that creates great-looking logos, then you could do far worse than the Logo Design tool. It is just a shame that the website and the GUI are so old and outdated.

10 – The Free Logo Makers

The tool they offer is easy to use, and they have videos showing you how to use it just in case you are a little lost as you create your logo. You may use their logo designer for free, or you may upgrade your account and get high-res images and transparent images that are easier to adjust. You may have their logo creators design you a customized logo, and if you have money to burn, then you may spend hundreds of dollars on their full branding kit. They also have logos for sale section that allows you to pick and buy logos that have already been created.

Don’t Pay Until You Are Happy

There is no need to sign up for a subscription until you have found the logo that you are fully happy with. The great thing about these tools is that you are able to create demonstration logos before you pay any money. Take advantage and generate a number of different logos before you settle on the one you want.

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