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Post written by Umar Khan
On Monday, March 13th, 2017

Previously, blogging seemed to be just another hobby for people, however with times, the concept has changed and blogging has turned out to be one of the most revenue generating online mediums. Some time back, blogs were dependent only on AdSense to churn revenue. Now we have a plethora of networks and methods which we can execute to earn heavy amounts of money.

Blog promotion

Apart from using the traditional methods of monetizing your blog, it is time to revise your business plan. Tweak up your design and optimize the marketing elements of your blog. Remember it is always the hard work that matters and same goes when it comes to promoting your blog and taking up new money making methods.

For a successful blog, it is mandatory that you have:

Valuable content

Once you have a blog, write down good content. Draw from your proficiency & understanding and write helpful posts and articles about your preferred topic. Make your content outstanding. In order for your blog to make money, you must ensure visitors, but in order to have visitors, you must have content that is worth reading for the visitors.


As you create helpful content, begin establishing authentic and genuine relationships via social media, forums, groups, commenting on third party blogs. Think about executing a mindset for other people in the group. Consider building relationships with visitors that belong to your niche. Trace people to whom the content or information could be useful. Get to know them, interact, make friends, and be ready to help by offering free expertise without asking for returns. People who like you or trust you are the best source for advertising you among other platforms and increasing your reach.

A strong platform

You must keep increasing your knowledge and producing content which should get better every time a visitor arrives. Your blog is the best source for exposure, building authority, gaining trust and providing helpful information.

Choose a realistic niche

Make sure your niche is not oversold. Some of the very common niches are payday loans, credit cards, debts, mortgage, weight loss, beauty and acne, etc. Avoid these as they are not worth wasting time on as there are full fledge companies out there who have already saturated this niche and equipped with highly-paid SEO strategies in use. It is but obvious, don’t be too narrow while selecting your niche, rather pick one in which you can succeed high time. Above all what matters is your passion/interest and what people prefer to intersect.

Look at the best blogs

with respect to the niche you have selected to move forward with. There is no room for plagiarism and copying therefore you must refrain from that totally. These blogs will be a learning platform for you and you can succeed the way they have succeeded thus allowing some additional research into what allows your blog to be popular.

Learn on-site SEO

Take it on board as a little SEO, is what allows you to be in competition with other similar blogs in the search engine rankings. This allows other people to find your blog when they search on various search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

Apart from the above mentioned techniques, it is very important to keep assessing your blog to see if you are actually getting the expected results. This practice will also help identify what you need to change if required. In order to achieve best results you must always be in contact with someone who already runs a blog, to look at your blog and give their opinion. Always keep your blog active and actively reply all visitor comments. Using social media will help keep your blog regularly updated, and keep people in touch for what they are looking for on your blog. This will help you have a global and local presence both within the online network. The ultimate tip for having a successful blog is to give your visitors the exposure that they want, keeping it worthwhile for yourself and for others. If you want repeated visitors, it is mandatory that you stay in touch with the theme of your blog and update as frequently as possible as per current trends.


There are multiple ways to monetize your blog. However, a lot of people give up on their efforts to maintain a blog as they don’t see a monetary value to it. It certainly takes some good time to build a blog and make money out of it, though if you are moving in the right direction, some planning and hard work can help you achieve your monetary outcome much faster.

The following list entails a number of ways of making money with your blog. Depending on the niche of the blog, a great number of the following techniques can be utilized to earn you cash from your blog. Some persistence is required and a nerve to resist failure as some of the tricks don’t work instantly and you may have to try a different one and build upon that!


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is known to be a performance-based marketing tool. Being a blogger, you must include links to a product or service being offered through a partnering business’s affiliate program. If any of your visitors clicks on the provided link and makes a purchase, you’ll receive a fraction of the cost.

It is always a good idea to ensure the following if you plan to join an affiliate program:

  • Promote products respective to your niche.
  • Promote products you personally use or prefer
  • To avoid misleading your visitors, include a disclaimer on your site


Google AdSense

Individual hosted blogs are used solely for advertising and Google AdSense is among the most popular advertising networks we know of. In simple words, conceptually AdSense is all about displaying adverts on your blog and making money.

If you want to encash Google AdSense, simply follow the thumb rules as follows:

Google AdSense based on impressions: Depending on the number of page views, you earn a fixed amount of money.

Google AdSense based on clicks: Depending on the number of clicks from your visitors, you’ll earn a certain amount of earning from the ad revenue.


Course and/or Services

If you are using your blog to teach visitors, it would be better if you create exclusive opportunities for learning through paid online courses. Commonly these courses are sold through an 8-week course which is executed through an automated email system or selling the entire course in a single attempt so visitors interested can study at their own pace.

How much you make via selling eCourse depends on your price offered for the course and the number of people interested in purchasing the course. Similarly one can also offer services on the blog such as freelance services and get paid on delivering the services. Want to get some inspiration? Check out leading online course platform Kajabi and see how people are creating their own online course business.

Paid Reviews and/or Banner-ads

If a blog is driving a handsome amount of traffic, then external businesses might approach you for sponsoring your website. There are usually two requests you get in these cases:

The reviews will be paid as the business as the sponsoring business sends you a request to review their product. This review will be paid for, however it is not an obligation that you write a positive review. Some businesses on the other hand are looking to sponsor a specific post which they trade for a back link to their site.

Small ads running on the sidebar of the website are banner ads. For the ad to run on your blog, the respective business sponsoring the ad will pay you a periodic amount to keep the ad on your site.


Writing and selling EBooks is a very popular way for selling something unique irrespective of any industry and pretty much any niche. Self publishing is getting easier by the minute and so getting a book published is not a big deal after all. Once you decide to sell this product, you can channelize your sales with retailers like Amazon or eBay directly on your site.

List building

Being an indirect way of monetizing your blog, it can still be a very helpful tool in reaping the benefits similar to the ones seen above.

List building is the means to adding new subscribers on to your mailing list. You can indulge visitors to subscribe to your newsletters, services or products by exclusively offering a free gift to subscribers and, by constantly producing content that would entice visitors to come back to the blog.

Keeping people in-the-know, helps in gaining monetary advantage, for instance when you decide to launch an eCourse, you can simultaneously start offering services or an eBook. This will increase loyalty among subscribers. At this point you must ensure you have an email list created to access a larger pool of interested visitors.

Create & Sell Your Own Product

Considering us as a consumer, if you are offering a product that you have created, the best place to sell that can be on the blog. Being an app developer, if you have designed an app to help people track their business forecasts on their mobile phone, you can offer that to the public through your blog. The app can be downloaded for a nominal fee and within no time you will be earning through your blog. On comparison, the good thing about selling online is the wide customer base you get compared to a small market you get offline.

Be a Consultant

Consultancy is getting popular tremendously and you can earn by offering consultancy to your visitors respective to your niche. For this it is important to have a large fan following and extremely good rapport in your field, in order to earn a monetary gain.

You have an option to offer individual one-on-one consultation over the phone or via Skype online at a fixed amount of fee. For this, visitors taking consultation would be willing to pay a premium as they are paying for your individual attention over a certain number of hours.

Sam Ovens is a great example for an online Entrepreneur who built a consulting empire from scratch. Ovens, who is originally from New Zealand, became a consultant to consultants and now runs a global e-learning business that made him over $10 million in revenue.

“I took everything I knew about starting a consulting business and turned it into an online course. I started selling the course. The course grew bigger than my main consulting business,” he said in a recent interview on The Epoch Times.

Private Forums

This is similar to the concept of paid membership. Private forums are created for your audience. Members can pay annually or monthly as they find suitable and access the forum to contact other members.

For the free forums to be successful and monetarily beneficial, it is important that you provide exceptional content that is not accessible anywhere else.

About the Author:
Umar is a Digital Marketing trainer and speaker currently overseeing digital strategy at Dubai based real estate company fam Properties.

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