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What do you get in Pro?

One click extension/template installations

Our new Inbound Pro component will read the permissions of you API key and allow for one-click installations and uninstallations of all Inbound Now templates and plugins. If you do not have access to extensions and landing page templates then they can still be purchased individually at our marketplace. Individually purchased templates and extensions are not installed through one-click installations.

One click template installations One click template installations

Better admin/IP anti-tracking measures

By better, we mean they exist now. In your Inbound Pro Settings area you will see a new place where you can disable tracking on admin accounts and disable tracking by IP addresses.

Disable tracking by ip and admin Disable tracking by ip and admin

It's now easy to add custom Lead fields

In our current setup we have to use PHP code inserts to add non-native lead fields. Now we can do it straight from the settings area. We can also edit the labels of core fields and change the order they appear within a Lead Profile.

Add and edit mappable lead fields

Add and edit mappable lead fields

Improved extension setting management

It's now easier to work with extension settings. Quickly view installed extensions and jump right to their settings area at the click of a button. Uninstallation is easy too.

extension settings

Important Information:

  • Marketing Automation and Email component are available to users using the Pro component although they are only available for users with the correct API Key Permissions.
  • One click downloads are only available to active API Keys with the correct permissions purchased through the membership gateway.
  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro is not available to those without a paid membership. For users using premium templates that depend on ACF Pro please find the template helper extension shipped with your premium template and install and activate it. Currently this issue will not affect many as most premium templates dependent on ACF Pro have not been released to the public yet.
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