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Looks like you are using one of our free plugins, Leads, Landing Pages, or Calls to Action.

Did you know we have a all-in-one plugin that bundles all these plugins together and adds additional features?

If you are enjoying our stand-alone tool, why not adopt our more powerful plugin that includes our other plugins designed to work beside the one you are using now?

Inbound Now's PRO plugin provides our maximum integrated experience, with a free version to start and then a more powerful version a few clicks away.

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What do you get in the Pro version?

Better settings management.

Inbound Now PRO plugin offers a more powerful settings management section.

Leads, Landing Pages, and Calls to Action all in one master plugin.

We include all three of our popular WordPress plugins inside one master plugin. We also offer the option to disable unused components to save site resources.

Better admin/IP anti-tracking measures.

By better, we mean they exist now. In your Inbound Pro Settings area you will see a new place where you can disable tracking on admin accounts and disable tracking by IP addresses.

Disable tracking by ip and admin

Disable tracking by IP and admin

The ability to create custom mappable Lead fields.

In our current setup we have to use PHP code inserts to add non-native lead fields. Now we can do it straight from the settings area. We can also edit the labels of core fields and change the order they appear within a Lead Profile.

Create new mappable lead fields with Inbound Now PRO plugin!

The ability to create custom Lead Statuses

We're seeing our tool used in all kinds of lead generation circumstances. One of the more requested features we received was to write in the ability for administrators to define their own leads statuses.

Creating Lead Status Labels with Inbound Now PRO!

It's very easy to unlock powerful premium components.

We give a lot away for free, but we reserve our most powerful components for premium subscribers.

Did you know that for subscribers we provide an Email Component that lets you email your lead lists directly?

An example of an new post notification email. Email component is available to premium subscribers only.

We also provide an Automation Component to our subscribers that lets them perform rule based actions, such as firing off an email series to a new subscriber!

Our automation engine is a framework that listens for triggers and performs actions.
Automation component is available to premium subscribers only.

With Inbound Now PRO free, you'll experience improved analytics, but subscribers will experience even greater detailed reports. 

Analytics Plugin Screenshot
An example of an expanded statistic. Free users do receive limited analytics features, but detailed popups like this one, describing the impressions of a WordPress post, are limited to subscribers only.

In addition to the above, subscribers will have 1-click installation power for our entire line of templates and extensions.

For subscribers, Inbound Now templates and extensions are very easy to install/uninstall.

Unlocking Inbound PRO to it's full potential is as easy as adding an API key associated with a live subscription to your plugin settings area. Those who aren't interested in spending any additional money can still enjoy added benefits of using the all-in-one Inbound Now PRO plugin.

If you're currently using one of our free tools, we think you'll enjoy the extra power of Inbound Now PRO over the stand-alone free tool. It cost no extra money to try the limited feature version. You'll find that you'll still have more power, at the end of the day, even if you don't spend a dime.

For those who are wanting access to our full package, we keep our prices low and competitive. You're welcome to come on board at a greater capacity or simply enjoy the greater feature-set of our free offering.

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